Using The Right Tools For The Right Job When Golfing

I spend a bit of time each year thinking about whether I have the proper equipment in my golf bag. As I age, my swing, physical conditioning, and flexibility vary more frequently than in the past. This is not a bad thing (sort of), but the nature of any player who is entering the latter part of their golfing career. At this time, I use stiff shaft golf clubs because my swing speed is at the low end of where stiff shafts are recommended by professional golf fitters. I am comfortable with my choice because I currently hit the ball straight and reasonably long. However, this does not stop me from examining my equipment every spring as I prepare for the upcoming season.

The inspiration for this article came from a recent game I played against a player I had not played with before. He was lamenting that his swing had changed so much that he really needed to have a fitting and to get sticks that would better fit his game. After watching him play, I would agree that it might be time to ensure his equipment fits his swing.

After watching a few videos, I found that there is more to analyzing our equipment than just buying the same “type of settings” that we always used. There is much more to finding the proper golf clubs to match our game than just one aspect like shaft flex. Rick Shiels explains this very well:

Finding the proper clubs to suit our swing is best accomplished through the help of a professional. For those of us who do not have readily available professionals to seek out, finding the right clubs is a bit of ‘hunt and peck’ method. It can be a long frustrating process, but once you find what your are looking for your game will be the benefactor.

Calloway Rogue Driver

Through the years, I have stuck to a stiff shaft driver. It best suits my swing and I have found great success sticking to that setting. However, I have tried (actually purchased and used for at least one season) various manufacturers that include Calloway, Cobra, Titleist, and John Daly (no judging). During my experiment with the different drivers, they all were set at 9.5 or 10 degrees and the grips were midsize. Keeping all of this in mind, I think that the conditions for each driver were very similar and my results were reasonable.

Regardless of which driver manufacturer I used, I never felt as comfortable as I do when hitting Calloway drivers. I am not sure why, but through the years this brand of driver always suited my game. Mostly, I hit the ball straight and reasonably long. Additionally, my confidence level was higher hitting a Calloway driver. At this moment, I am using a 2018 Rogue driver and love it. I hit it very straight and consistent. It is a the right club for my game and the proof is in the results when I play. I do try other drivers when it is time to replace, but it seems that the Calloway driver is the one for me.

This article is not a plug for Calloway, but a reminder that there are more aspects to choosing the proper golf equipment than just shaft flex. It is important for amateurs who have inconsistent swings, but so is degree of clubs, grips, golf swing, and attach angle to name a few. Hence, I take the time each spring to assess my equipment to ensure that I am using the clubs that best suit my evolving game and physical conditioning. Sometimes this process takes a short period of time and others much longer, but I can assure you it is time well spent.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Using The Right Tools For The Right Job When Golfing

  1. I have watched Rick Shiels episode concerning shaft flex and my experience is not the same. When I purchased my last driver the fitter recommended a stiff flex however upon testing the spin rate was so low the ball just fell out of the sky 30 yards short of my current driver. It went straight, high but super low spin.

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    • BMc,

      I understand. I had a driver with the same issues and discarded it shortly after the purchase. I was fitted for that driver and it never really worked out for my game, so I sold it. I know that my Calloway meets all the requirements I need to hit the ball farish with control. However, I believe that Rick does provide something for golfers to think about. We must remember that Rick has a great consistent swing so maybe his advice fits better for those with that type of swing. This is an interesting topic for sure.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Custom fit clubs can certainly help. But they don’t fix our real issues. I’ve hit a custom fit driver and irons for over 15 years. I’m a believer that clubs customized to you can help you do things you couldn’t before. That’s a fact that’s been proven by my experience for sure. But I also know that 100 bucks in lessons and a few months of practice can do more than spending 2 grand or more on a bag full of custom clubs.

    All I’m saying is we have to be reasonable in our expectations, and if budget is a consideration, lessons will give lots more bang for the buck.

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    • Kevin

      Absolutely! There is little question that lessons should be part of everyone’s plan for better golf. The challenge is finding the right professional that will help. It is difficult in my area, but not impossible. That is the price we pay for living in the country. All worth it though.

      Cheers Jim


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