Is Intent Important To Your Golf Game

Intent is an important part of life. I am a strong believer that intent can change virtually all aspects of our lives if we make a conscious effort to make a change. Golf is no different! Kevin, an avid reader of The Grateful Golfer, set me a video from Mark Crossfield. It showed how Crossfield was able to fly his ball over a bunker that in the past would have been the landing area. This video was fun to watch so I decided to search out the video behind the video to see if what Crossfield was doing was repeatable by us mere mortals. After watching it in its entirety, I felt that was definitely worth sharing and discussing. It core teaching point from the video is how the intent to change our golf game is the critical factor to success.

The video is 12 minutes long, but it is worth watching. Crossfield explains the aspects of change the reasoning of how the changes to increase ball flight distance are connected. The five points he talks about are: intent to change, increased measuring metrics, slightly strengthen our grip, over speed training, and fail to be successful. These are fantastic teaching points and are worth learning if you are a golfer looking to improve your game.

The focus of Crossfield’s video, especially the intent to change, can be used across any aspect of our golf game. The process is very similar because the key foundation building block of intent is the starting point for all journeys. By keeping the intent and ultimately the end result in mind during all adjustments allows many players to step outside of their comfort zone and beat down the frustration of making a change. I am happy that Kevin sent me this video because is has universal appeal to all golfers looking to improve your game.

To be fair to those readers just starting their golf journey, it does take time and dedication to make changes to our golf game. Regardless of what you are trying to improve, keep intent as a guiding factor and I am confident you will succeed.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Is Intent Important To Your Golf Game

  1. It does take time. I’ve posted two more video’s below for you. The first is I think the catalyst that began this particular set of changes he’s accomplished. The first video was done in April and the next in May of this year. So he’s on month 4 or 5 with the video above in this quest and already showing spectacular gains. A long time pro going from 260 to 320 is a big deal in that time frame especially with no work on the strength side. This is all timing and sequencing changes. That said, to do it he had Trackman and pressure pads to work with.

    We won’t have that help. So we won’t match his progress or results. But that doesn’t mean we can’t gain from the knowledge and from his explanations. I’ve already done a tiny bit of experimentation and I know this is the path I plan on taking.

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