Steering The Golf Ball Is A Bad Thing

Steering the golf ball is a topic that creeps up in many of my conversations from time to time. This swing error is defined as an attempt to guide the flight of the ball that usually results in a loss of distance and accuracy. It is a common problem for many amateurs who try feel that ‘helping’ the club hit the ball is a great strategy. The fact is that it is not a strategy to follow because of the consistently poor results. Steering the golf ball is a bad thing, but fortunately there is a way to avoid it.

The video below outlines the reasons for steering the ball. I believe that not fully committing to the shot on hand is the primary error. There are others as outlined in the video below:

Alistair Davies, Advanced Fellow of the PGA, emphasizes two aspects of the swing that I subscribe too. The first is committing to the swing. It is important that once we have decided what type of shot to make, then to hit it without hesitation. The removal of swing thoughts during the execution phase of any golf shot is very important. Doing so will help limit the amount of steerage during ball contact.

The second is to finish our golf swing in balance. Regardless of how fast we swing, Alistair states that finishing in balance is very important to prevent steering the golf ball. I agree because the when I am in balance at the end of my swing, chances are I was in balance for the entire swing process. This is a very good thing for my game and should never be discounted.

Now that we know what steering the ball means. I found an easy duplicatable drill that will help prevent this swing error.

“Don’t steer the ball. Golf professional, Anne Rollo shows us why steering the ball doesn’t work well in golf. If you try and steer the ball straight you will tend to hit a weak shot to the right and lack a lot of power.” See Anne’s drill below:

I will admit that steering the ball happens in my game from time to time. One would think that this swing error would be in the past, but nope it sneaks into my swing process from time to time. Generally it happens when I am faced with a delicate shot or I am trying to hit around/over an obstacle. Mentally, I fail my pre-shot routine and let poor swing thoughts linger in my mind which causes steerage; it is the nature of being an amateur. Fortunately I know steering the golf gall is a bad thing and try to avoid it as much as possible.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Steering The Golf Ball Is A Bad Thing

  1. Better to commit to the wrong shot than hit the right shot without commitment. That is one thing I don’t think any golfer who has played the game for any length of time would disagree with. That doesn’t mean we won’t do it, it’s just something we’ll kick ourselves later for, lol

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