Spike or Spikeless Golf Shoes

Style and versatility of golf shoes has change significantly over the years. So much so, that there is a science to select the proper shoe for your game. Over the years, I have tried many different golf shoes that have spikes and were spikeless. At this time, I have a few pairs of each, because I used them during different course conditions. My choice of shoe changed over the years, but comfort is now my main focus. This year I am going to use the Men’s Flex XP Spikeless from FootJoy (no affilation). They are like a running shoe and I think will provide the comfort and grip I require from a golf shoe. My requirements might not be the same as yours, so how do you choose between a spiked or spikeless golf shoe?

Before delving deeper into which shoe might be best for you, have a listen to Mark Crossfield.

The golf shoe is a required piece of golf equipment (in my opinion). As you can surmise from Crossfield’s explanation, there is no wrong answer here. The type of shoe you wear has many variables. When the ground is wet, spiked shoes are my preference. When the group is dry and firm, spikeless fit the bill. Comfort and style play in the selection as well.

As I said earlier, comfort drives my choice of shoe these days. Currently, I lean towards spikeless shoes. This decision could change at anytime, however I do not feel a downside to my choice. I realize this topic is a bit fuzzy, however some golf choices are like that; it is really up to what you want to wear. However, if you are only going to purchase one pair of golf shoes, I would go with spiked golf shoes because they can be worn during on course conditions. The choice, as always, is yours to make!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Spike or Spikeless Golf Shoes

  1. Here’s a new one on me. My GPS watch glitched on me today. It reported no charge and wouldn’t run even though I’d charged it up the night before. Seems to have solved itself now, but I just played my first round in months without my Shot Scope and I was left with a lot more doubt than before I had a GPS watch. It seems I’ve already come to rely on it.

    I adapted back but it took a little concerted effort to trust with no numbers again. Other than that though I was hitting the ball very well today for the most part. Too well a few times. I went over the green on both the par 5’s on the back nine with the 2nd shots. I guessed the distance wrong I guess but at least I trusted it. lol

    That last one was the last hole and a birdie would have given me a 7 over round. I’d hit in with a 6 and had hit it very high so it didn’t go far off the green and I was looking at about a 40 foot chip for eagle. Unfortunately my chip wasn’t even close to one of my best and I left myself a 15 footer for birdie which I missed short too. But this was an issue today. That was a downslope but against the grain. It looks like it will never stop yet it does. I got fooled. Twice in a row for my finish. lol

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  2. I own both as well but use the spikeless pair most. They are all I really need. I don’t have traction issues anymore so spikes don’t give me anything I really need.

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  3. Four years ago I slipped on a muddy patch and fell and completely severed my quadricep tendon from my knee. Required 2 surgeries and couldn’t play golf for 6 months. I was wearing nubbies only. If I had been wearing spikes I most likely would not have fallen. Therefore, I only wear spikes.

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    • David

      Sorry to hear about your injury. I agree that there are hazards in wet weather when wearing spineless shoes. I have slipped myself. That is why I have several pairs of spikes and spineless gof shoes. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Cheers Jim


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