Disasters Happens On The Golf Course

For many golfers, the headline catches our attention immediately. We have had experienced one form of disaster on the golf course and that event raced to the forefront of our thoughts. Limiting the scope of this article, I removed any uncontrollable medical or physical injuries to focus on a few aspects of our game that can cause a disaster to the final outcome of our round. Nonetheless, these events are real and seem to appear out of normal. I hope by pointing a few out (you can add your own thoughts and I will add to the list) I can help prevent future mishaps to your score.

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Wrist Locked on Short Chips – Update

A couple of weeks ago, I offered my view on keeping my wrist locked on short chips. After reading my description, I thought it would be best to make an infographic (after questions from my Buddy Kirk who is a fantastic short game player in his own right) to help clearly expand how to adopt the proper stance.

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To Focused on The Perfect Golf Swing

If you are like me, you have worked on your golf swing your entire career. You have tried just about everything you could think of with mixed results. All our efforts, triumphs and set backs, are directed for the search of the perfect swing. I am confident I will continue on my quest for my perfect swing; how about you? Continue reading

Knowing Which Is Your Dominant Eye

Golf is a game of fractions. A fraction of an inch here or there is difference between a good shot or a great shot. This minute distance is also the difference between a great shot and OMG, not again! Yes, the smallest of distances can have different results when swinging a golf club. I am sure, every golfer is shaking their head at this moment in complete agreement. What if I told you that this fraction of distance is caused by not knowing your dominant eye! Continue reading

Fixing My Alignment and Golf Stance

I am always looking for the ‘right’ way to hold my club, place my feet, and adjust my posture. I have read many articles, watch countless videos, and watch the pros adjust and set up their swing. Many claim to know the answer to our woes, but in reality they are trying to provide a solution to a sight unseen golf swing. Would we buy a car sight unseen? Likely not, so I ask myself why am I trying to fix my alignment or stance through recommendations and ideas that do not take into account on how I align or stand when making a golf shot. Continue reading