Challenges With Alignment

It is amazing that any golfer can go from playing well to playing poorly with just one swing. In my case, this downward spiral happens when chunking an easy chip. I am not sure exactly why this happens, but it definitely has something to do with my alignment. Additionally, it happens when I am trying to be ‘too cute’ instead of being aggressive. When this happens, negative thoughts creep into my mind and it is a struggle for the rest of the round. Does this ever happen to you? Continue reading

Chipping Tips That Improved My Golf Score

I am always on the lookout for any tip that will improve my golf score. It is important to open to new ideas in order to fully develop my game. However, I not flighty and will not change unless I am convinced it is for the better. Until recently, I considered my chipping from 25 yards or closer fairly solid. However, actually examining my success of getting up and down from that distance and realize I am not as sharp as I thought. It was time for a change to improve this area of my game. Continue reading

Putting With Purpose

My last round of golf resulted in a significant improvement in my putting. I struggled for a bit this season and I was perplexed as to why. Not knowing where to turn, I reread my 5 part guide to putting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I needed to find out why my putting was not quite up to snuff and this was a great place to start. As it turned out, my current stroke only needed tweaking and not a complete overall. Now that is a relief! Continue reading