Wrist Locked on Short Chips – Update

A couple of weeks ago, I offered my view on keeping my wrist locked on short chips. After reading my description, I thought it would be best to make an infographic (after questions from my Buddy Kirk who is a fantastic short game player in his own right) to help clearly expand how to adopt the proper stance.

I am always grateful for feedback, so if you have any questions or thoughts about my infographic, please feel free to contact me. Additionally, the above description works for my game and you might have slight variations. If you do, please pass that along as well. I believe that a collective amassing of golf knowledge only benefits us all.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Wrist Locked on Short Chips – Update

  1. BTW…I sent you a tweet tonight showing you my most improbable eagle by adding some lines to a screen shot of the hole from google earth. Hope you enjoyed.

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  2. Well, the left heel and foot position is pretty much the same as what I do, but my right foot would be just a couple inches from my left foot, and angled more with the left foot. And something you don’t mention here is my weight would be more on the left. The more I open the face, the more angle my feet have compared to the line. That way, it helps the line the ball travels be less right and more straight where I am trying to aim. I find keeping my feet closer together helps me use my body to turn through the swing easier.

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    • Kevin,

      You are definitely talking about a more advance chipping technique. In number 6, I recommend shifting weight forward with a visual cue. But, you point of being a bit more obvious is not lost on me. Thanks.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, now I fully understand and your infographic is a great way to show this technique. I have listened to you on these short chips and early success has been much better than I expected. Thanx for the great tips. Kirk

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