The Right Frame of Mind to Golf Successfully

How to golf successfully is a proclaimed throughout social media. Everyone seems to have the definitive answer to this question and I am here to tell you that I have the right answer as well. I figure I might as well jump into the mix because my approach works 100% of the time for me and should for you also! I mean how wrong could I be, really!

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The Art of Playing Great Golf!


The Art of Playing Great Golf

Playing great golf is not natural for most players; or so they think. Many believe it takes effort, practice, tenacity, desire, and hope! Most amateurs find it difficult to match the silky smooth swing of Ernie Els or the power of Tony Finau! There are many reasons for this huge disparity between games, but understanding the real Art of Playing Great Golf might help.

There are many definitions of the word art. One is: an occupation requiring knowledge or skill. For professionals, the word occupation is extremely important. Comparing ourselves to athletes who work at golf for a living is really an unfair comparison by anyone’s standard! Thus, the definition of art in this context does not really fit the premise of this blog. Continue reading