The Right Frame of Mind to Golf Successfully

How to golf successfully is a proclaimed throughout social media. Everyone seems to have the definitive answer to this question and I am here to tell you that I have the right answer as well. I figure I might as well jump into the mix because my approach works 100% of the time for me and should for you also! I mean how wrong could I be, really!

Now that I am finished with that crazy statement, lets get down to the heart of my article. What is the right frame of mind to golf successfully? This is a very tough question and I believe the only person who has that answer is you! You are in control of your swing, equipment, and most of all thoughts. I really believe that your mental approach is equally, if not more, important than having great swing mechanics.

Over the years, I have played against many players who have terrible mechanics, yet they score well and do not see a problem with how they make contact with the ball. They have complete confidence in what they can do and execute their shots accordingly. As I say sometimes with my shots, “It was not pretty, but it was effective!”

During a recent charity golf tournament, hit two mid-irons in a row that were complete trash. I hit behind the ball about two inches and for the life of me cannot figure out what happened. At first I started to go down a dark path of “what the $%$$% is going on”, then I caught myself. These two shots were anomalies and I needed refocus my mental state on what I know I can do and not what I can’t (I actually wrote an article on the cant’s). I needed to stay the course and remain confident that I can hit my mid-irons.

To recap my original statement, the right frame of mind for successful golf is to remain confident in your ability to hit the ball regardless what swing mechanics. Only you can do it; no professional or amateur blogger as the definitive answer; yet you do for your game. Personally, I work at staying in the right frame of mind because it works for my game. I think it can help you as well.

Here is some good advice about being in the right frame of mind when playing:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Right Frame of Mind to Golf Successfully

  1. I’m with you. Complete confidence is required. That doesn’t mean take crazy chances. You also need to be a realist and chose shots within your own limitations.

    Today I missed two fairways in a row. The first was caused by doubt. But I was able to get my par. The second I think was caused maybe by missing spikes on my shoes (I found 6 of them destroyed after finishing my round 3 on each shoe). I lost my footing during the swing and ended up on the wrong side of the tree line with no good shot to the green or even back to the fairway. I had to make a choice. Take a high risk shot and try to slice a low 3 iron shot around one tree and through a gap between a bunch of other trees or take my medicine and hit to another spot in the rough and hope it gave me a shot at the flag. I took the latter. Unfortunately, I came up a few feet short and couldn’t aim to the flag and had to live with just getting on the green for a long par chance and I bogied the hole. But it could have been worse. I chose the shot that gave me the most confidence, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m sure it saved me a stroke or even two. The other option was in the miracle category.

    On a better note, I missed a chance at holing out a par 4 from the tee by about a foot today. I had 258 to the green and missed it by a foot, but was right on line for the flag. It stopped dead when it hit and bounced back a foot from the hole it created when it landed because of the slope to the raised green and the fact that the ground is still really soft after all the rain we’ve been getting. It was a lift clean and place kind of day. Mud on the ball after almost every swing. It was also far too hot out there today. I stopped at 18 for a change because I couldn’t take it anymore. But I played a really good game from the back tees and ended 5 over.

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    • Kevin

      Thanks for sharing your shots. I agree that confidence within limits is a key for success when playing. You are talking about too hot, this morning it is 9 degrees Celsius to start, it warms up fast, but the first few holes are coldish. Have a great day.

      Cheers Jim


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