How Many Wheels Makes The Best Push Cart

I use a push cart in the summer. Actually, I have used a push cart for 20 years in the summer. I find that using this very important piece of equipment I am able to play my best golf in the heat of the summer. Of course I think my three-wheeled cart is the best, but my friend Blair uses a four-wheeled cart and says it is the cats pajamas. I am not convinced because I pushed his bucket of bolts and it was a tough grind.

As it turns out, I am not the only golfer who thinks that a three-wheeled cart is the way to go:

I have used a three-wheeled cart for 16 years (my first cart had two wheels and I never really liked it) and have not looked back.

My Clic Gear 3.5 cart.

I find a three-wheeled cart to be easier to maneuver, easy to push and light weight. These three things are huge in the heat of summer. It is difficult enough golfing in hot weather without having to push a challenging cart up and down hills. Additionally, my new Clic Gear cart helps carry everything I need to enjoy my game. Interestingly, I recently found out where I can carry my umbrella on my cart instead of in my bag….this was a recent plus for sure.

Obviously it is your choice how many wheels your golf cart has; but I suggest, actually recommend that three is the optimal number! It really comes down to what cart is best and mine has three wheels.

How many wheels does your golf cart have?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “How Many Wheels Makes The Best Push Cart

  1. I’ve am intrigued by this question. I rarely use a push/pull cart. I carried my clubs 95% of the time when I lived in Canada. In the past 9 years here in Florida they alway give you a golf cart. In fact many places won’t let you walk til after 12. So I’ve gotten used to driving. But if I have a partner in the cart, I’ll walk and have my partner drive. I like the exercise.

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  2. Jim, I have a Bagboy M-310 two wheel pull cart. It is so old you cannot find one on ebay 🙂 I’m definitely ready for an upgrade. Would like something where I can attach a small seat. Does your New Clic hava a port for that?

    I’ve always pulled instead of pushed. Wonder how those three wheelers do for pulling? Seems designed more for the player who likes to push.



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  3. Mine has three as well. More wheels means more friction, but 3 is still better than two for pushing at least. But, I will say that a 4 wheeler is probably less likely to get blown over by the breeze when the umbrella is up. I’ve watched mine get blown over at least three times in the past two months.

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