Sinking An 80 Foot Putt

Anytime we hit the green there is an expectation that we have a chance to sink the putt. It really does not matter how far the putt has to travel to the pin, all golfers think there is a chance. I feel that most of the time I putt well regardless of the distance. Well, to be fair, the longer the putt, the less likely the chance I will make the putt. This fact is nothing new, but I think there is a certain aspect of putting that is often overlooked when dealing with long putts. It is not a secret, but I think many players forget to invoke the simple rule of long putting.

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Putting Decides Everything In Golf

If we learned anything from The Open on the weekend, putting is everything in golf. It is the great equalizer, the determining factor for a great round, and the anvil that crushes your opponent. Yup, putting decides everything. If you are still not convinced, aske Rory McIlroy and Cameron Smith!

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A Putting Tip By Annika Sörenstam

Whenever the names of greatest golfers of all time get bantered around, rarely do I hear a woman’s name make the list. This topic has caught my attention and will be a discussion for another day; for now I want to pass on a quick tip by Annika Sörenstam that will help you make those critical putts between 4 and 10 feet. By following her advice, you should lower your score and build confidence during clutch times.

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Putt for Dough

“If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way”- Henry Ford

Confidence While Putting!In earlier posts, I outlined 5 steps on the mechanics of a great putter.  As every amateur knows putting is extremely important when trying to break 100, 90, 80 or 70.  All things being equal, if your putting is on, your score is low.  So how can the average golfer elevate their putting so that a great day is a normal day on the green?

George Beardsley suggests that speed is most important on long putts and line is the most important on short putts. He also provides a couple of drills to help with your putting that might be worth a look.

The Putting Doctor, Joseph P. Bermel Jr, suggests that pre-shot routine and alignment are the most important aspects of putting.  He also says visualization and practice are strong enablers for great putting.

Peter Sanders reported from Jack Nicklaus that “regardless of the distance of the putting opportunity, the correct distance is the most important factor in success.”  It reduces three putts and increases the chances of a one putt.  Averaging no more that two putts per hole is ideal.

Well that about covers a wide range of what the pundits and experts say about putting. Further research could uncover another 100 revelations.  Each of the experts is correct, but it may not be best for you!  It is difficult to determine what exactly is required to fix a putting stroke; after much trail and error a solution may be found.

What is the most important point of putting?  On those great days when the hole looks like a manhole; the greens are easy to ready; the greens all run true and are consistent; your stroke is smooth and in control all the time – what is the key?


Confidence in your ability to hit the ball on-line, with the right speed and far enough to sink the ball.  The first trick to gaining confidence is removing all doubt.  The word ‘can’t’ never enters into your head ever when playing golf.  Start today.  Think positive about your putting, focus on the what works, practice the things that are challenging and work on your putting mechanics.

No matter what – be confident that you are a great putter!  If you do – great things are going to happen!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!