NO Fear Putting!

Most players reach that putting distance where negative thoughts start to creep in. Depending on your skill and confidence, that distance varies. Personally, my distance is around 50 feet or so, but that changes depending on the speed of the green, the undulations, uphill or downhill, or how I am playing that day. There are many influences, however 50 feet is my standard distance of concern. That, however, is not what most golfers think. Continue reading

That Special Sound at Contact

There are many influences on a golf shot. It seems as if every player can tell when they or their playing partner hits a good ball. Sometimes it is the ball flight, other times they wait for it to stop, and yet without fail, there is a sound upon contact that catches everyone’s attention. It is a pure sound and everyone knows it when you hear it. Continue reading

Growing Confidence is Golf

Recently, my buddy, Blair, and I were discussing our golf game. He explained that holes 11 through 13 were his nemesis. For the life of him, he could not get these holes out of his mind. He is always waiting for the shoe to drop, even though he may hit a great shot. Through our discussion, we concluded that he was not confident with is game playing those three holes! Continue reading