What Are Your Golf Score Expectations?

Yesterday, I wrote about how to follow up a great round with another great round. I find that the root of that discussion and today’s discussion are directly linked. As a golfer, we tend to downplay or overextend our expectations on the golf course. This is nothing new, but it does point to the mindset that players might not have a true understanding of the skills and ability to score. Where does this expectation grow or be developed you may ask; that is a great question! So, read on to find out.

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Under Performing at Golf

Do you have high expectations of your performance when playing golf?

Every time I hit the links I have expectations. They are usually high, but every now and then, I under perform (at least in my mind), yet still score well. These days are rare, however they do creep into my game. I guess the real question is what does under performing really mean? Of course, the answer is relative to the player asking and what I consider a poor playing round may not look that way to my playing partners. It is on those days I do try to not verbalize my disappointment, but stay focused on my game at hand. Continue reading

The First Round of the Year

Kirk and Jim working on our game at the range.

My first round of golf is in the books. I was a bit worried that I would not be able to play 18 holes given everything going on with my health, but that goal is complete. Before I played yesterdays round, I had a chance to hit the range with one of my closest friends. Kirk came up for a quick visit and as we hit a bucket, got caught up. It was great to see him again and the range to work set me up for some success during my first round. I was surprised how our time at the practice area worked wonders from my ball striking, but nothing for my putting or short game. Continue reading

Breaking Par in Golf

Breaking par in golf is the ultimate benchmark. I realized that it is out of the realm of possibility for many players, however other than having a solid game, there is one trait that all top golfers share. These élite players expect to shoot low scores and a desire to continually play better is the corner-stone of great golf. Continue reading