The First Round of the Year

Kirk and Jim working on our game at the range.

My first round of golf is in the books. I was a bit worried that I would not be able to play 18 holes given everything going on with my health, but that goal is complete. Before I played yesterdays round, I had a chance to hit the range with one of my closest friends. Kirk came up for a quick visit and as we hit a bucket, got caught up. It was great to see him again and the range to work set me up for some success during my first round. I was surprised how our time at the practice area worked wonders from my ball striking, but nothing for my putting or short game.

My first round unfolded exactly as expected. I did not have any expectations, but let us be honest, of course I had expectations. They were nothing extravagant, nor far-fetched, but still things I thought they I should be able to accomplish.

At first, I can say that I was very happy with my ball striking. I made solid contact more often than not and my club selection was reasonable. I did under club on most approach shots, yet making solid contact seemed to quell my frustration of hitting short most of the time.

My short game was mediocre. I used all my wedges with success as long as I was within 10 years of the green. Outside of that back to 100 yards, my effectiveness was not what I expected. Realistically, I knew this area of my game would be poor, but it actually sucked. That is okay, it gives me something to work on.

My putting was the worst part of my game. I hit 14 of 18 putts short. I mean really short. It was my first round with my new putter, but I could not seem to adjust to the speed of the greens. Of course, they were slow because it is the first of the season and yet I could not adjust. I 1 putted one green and 3 jacked one green. The worst part of the ordeal was my 3 jack started as a putt for eagle! I can say my disappointment was quite high after that I can assure you.

There were some great points about my game. Blair, Darren, and Mark were great playing partners. We laughed and joked all the way around the course. It was a great way spend our first round because there was no pressure at any time. The feel for the round was exactly as I expected and I hope the rest of my season is the same.

Additionally, I only lost 3 balls; 1 in the woods and 2 in the water. I actually expected to lose a couple more, but a few fortunate bounces prevented greater damage. As a result of some luck shots, I only had 1 double all day. I am happy with scoring well and responding to poor shots. This aspect of my game was a pleasant surprise and I hope to continue with this positive aspect of my game.

Overall, I was very happy with my first round. Mentally, it was exactly what I needed considering all the other challenges going on in my life. It was a great stress relief and helped me ease my worries. Hopefully, I can get a few more rounds in over the next few weeks. How did your first round of the season go?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

11 thoughts on “The First Round of the Year

  1. Jim,

    Awesome to hear you got out for 18 holes considering what has gone on. All in all, sounds like a success. As always, sounds like you were grateful for the opportunity to be out there. Hopefully you’ll be able to build on this round!


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      • Jim, my season is off to a ssslllooooooo start. I’ve only played four rounds because the weekend weather has not permitted play. We’ve got another week of solid rain coming and with luck I’ll get in two more rounds before Myrtle Beach. Doing a lot of practicing between the raindrops but I’d prefer to tilt more heavily towards play than practice. I’m sure it will all work out. Glad you were able to hit the links!


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  2. Well congrats on getting your season started. I can’t say I know what it’s like to start a season though. Mine started over 25 ago and never stopped.

    Our rainy season started and we have showers planned to blow through all week but I plan to hit the range tomorrow in between the squalls. I really think it’s time to bring the draw swing back into my game and I want to work that out on the range first.

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      • Well my timimg and the rains timing didn’t mesh today. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. In the meantime I read a short article from Golf Digest today. I was in an app and couldn’t get the address, but it’s short so I’ll just relay it for you:

        To all cursed hackers that have never recorded a hole-in-one, Ben Bender is proof that you should never lose the faith.

        According to the Zanesville Times Recorder, Bender, a 93-year-old Ohioan, made his first ace in seven decades of playing golf at Green Valley (Ohio) Golf Club.

        “I’d come close to some hole-in-ones, but this one was level on the green before it curved towards the hole and went in,” Bender told the Times Recorder. “I was in awe watching it.”

        And, according to Bender, it came in the final round of his life.

        “I played a few more holes, but my hips were hurting and I had to stop,” Bender said. “It seemed the Lord knew this was my last round so he gave me a hole-in-one.”

        Bender began playing when he bought a set of Wilson’s and a golf bag for $50. He got as low as a 3 handicap, although admitted his game has struggled as of late. Making his feat that much sweeter.

        “I was lucky to play golf this long, but I never expected (a hole-in-one),” Bender said. “It was the last time I was able to play, and I think God had a hand in this. I loved the game and hate to give it up, but I can’t play forever.”

        I had to share. That’s awesome.


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