Expectations Kill The Golf Experience

Are you a member of a golf course? Do you fork out which seems tons of money to play regularly at your local golf course? Canada is a golfing mecca that is often overlooked by many of the world travelers. “There are 34,011 golf facilities in the world. More than 18,600 of those facilities are located in 204 countries outside of the United States. Canada is home to 13% of that worldwide supply (excluding the U.S.), and is one of only seven countries with more than 500 golf facilities. Even when factoring in the United States, which has 15,372 facilities, Canada comprises 7% of the total world supply. While golf is certainly a worldwide game, supply remains largely concentrated among the most golf-developed nations. In fact, excluding the United States’ supply, 70% of all golf facilities are located in only 10 countries, and 85% of all facilities worldwide are located in 20 nations.” (Golf Canada Report 2015) This is great news for Canada, however can expectations of regular golfers have an affect on their golfing experience.

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Expectation Management in Golf

Good shot or poor shot, Every shot is an opportunityto learn to be a better golfer.I thought it might be time to reign in my expectations on how good of a golfer I can really become. I have talked about being a scratch golfer for years and the closest I came was 2 years ago with a handicap index of 2.7. Last year, due to many reasons, the closest I came to my goal was 3.8. That is a full 1 point higher than the previous year! What the heck is going on? Continue reading

Playing Golf Well

“Playing Golf Well” is a standard line used by many who are trying to catch your attention. However, have you ever really examined the words to see if they really mean anything. As I dissect those three little words, several things strike me as peculiar, interesting and funny all at the same time. Here is what I mean:

Playing – is to exercise or an activity for amusement or recreation. This definition of playing strikes me as something to be enjoyed, to have fun, or to experience in a positive way. Additionally, playing with something allows the taking of chances and trying new variations of the same game. Overall, playing suggests taking chances during an activity for fun and/or enjoyment.

Golf – a game in which clubs are used; to hit a ball in succession for varying distances; to place in a hole with as few strokes as possible! Well that sounds like a fun activity to me! It is a sport, a verb, a business, a highlight or the bane of someone’s existence all in one. Golf can be….well, just about anything to anyone.

Well – is a noun, adverb, interjection, adjective, and a descriptor! This word can be used in so many ways that to try and describe them all would take longer than this article! In this case it is a comparative word to describe performance measurement. It is not a great word to imbue excitement or extreme joy, but a mediocre word that has a sliding scale of subjectivity!


So what does the journey into the examination of three little words actually mean to anyone?

Golf is a game that is meant to be played just for fun; Golf is a game that allows us to take chances with the intent of getting better or just having fun; Golf is a game where only the player can determine how well they played in relation to their own expectations; finally, Golf is a game that is to be enjoyed by the player at their own pace, skill level and desire of execution!

Playing Golf Well is only determined by one person….YOU!

Personally, I am grateful for the game of golf. I love to play just for the fun of it!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.