Active Support On and Off The Golf Course

For the past 4 months, I have actively fought against my lymphoma and I believe I am winning. To date, all the tests indicate that I am once again beating back the beast and will be heading to the links sometime in the future. Of course, it is way too early to jump to conclusions, but any positive sign gives me hope. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned to date, and what is important for people to understand, is that active support for the person and their family is as valuable as any positive test result. Let me explain. Continue reading

Our Golfing Family

Family is described in many ways and depending on the person, could include non-blood relatives. Family provides a sense of belonging for most people and being within a golfing family, the central theme to inclusion is golf. However, if we were to examine our lives, I bet most of us belong to many families at the same time. I know I do and on any given day, a different family member will pop in and out of my life. Continue reading

Family Day at the Valspar Championship Golf Tournament

A professional golfer’s life is challenging. Yes, they are playing golf for a living and this appeals to most of us who do not. However, managing all the travel with family obligations is difficult to say the least. And before we go further, I want to acknowledge the caddies who experience the same stressors as the players with respect to being away from home most of the year. Continue reading