Family Day at the Valspar Championship Golf Tournament

A professional golfer’s life is challenging. Yes, they are playing golf for a living and this appeals to most of us who do not. However, managing all the travel with family obligations is difficult to say the least. And before we go further, I want to acknowledge the caddies who experience the same stressors as the players with respect to being away from home most of the year.

Once in a while, the players are able to have their families join them on their travels. I think this is awesome and, from experience, helps make being away from home easier. When I saw this video about Henrik Stenson, I just smiled and had to share it. His reaction was amazing and great example for us all.

I hope this video made you smile and set the stages for an awesome day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Family Day at the Valspar Championship Golf Tournament

  1. I missed family day. But I was there Friday for a couple of hours. It really makes a difference to see them on a course you have played. They really do play a different game than we/I do.

    I spent most of the time on hole 16. It’s a hole I remember well. I know what is trouble and safe for me. And on that hole it seems that the same is true for the pro’s though farther down the fairway of course. The thing is you have to pick your landing spot from the tee, get over the water but don’t go too far or you’re in the woods.

    I got to see most of them play that hole pretty much perfectly, and more importantly, I got to see others have to scramble their way out. They are inspiring to watch.

    But I think I already got my reward. I played the next afternoon and on the last hole hit a perfect drive on the par 5. It was possible to go for it, but I decided to play safe and lay up. Then I lost my mind with trying to clear a 120 foot tall pine and chunked my 8 iron layup into a terrible spot with a large oak tree between me and the flag and still 150 yards to go instead of 70 or so like I had planned. So I took inspiration from watching the guys bend their way out of the tress the day before and punched a 3 iron slice around the tree and rolled it right into the pin. It didn’t fall, but it was inside a foot. I went home thinking that I had hit the best golf shot I saw all week after dropping that birdie. That was I’m sure a bit presumptuous to say the least. But I had been playing with a man and his son who were down here from Quebec, and the dad said something to the effect of not needing to go watch the pro’s after seeing me hit that one. So my head was a bit swelled already.

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    • Kevin

      That sounds like a fantastic shot. Sometimes making an awesome recovery shot after a missed shot changes the whole nature of your round. You attitude definitely changed for the better. Thanks for sharing your story.



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