Beautiful Images of Fall Golf

Fall golf is always amazing. The beautiful images the Mother Nature paints is a marvel. I was fortunate to have Kevin send me a picture of a course he usually plays. I thought it was important to share this beautiful golf hole.

Thanks Kevin, I am grateful for you sending me this beautiful picture.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Playing a Golf in Spain

I have never teed it up in Spain, however Clint, a frequent reader of The Grateful Golfer, dropped me a couple of pictures of his favorite courses in Spain. I appreciate the pictures and his explanation of how he played the holes.

After looking at these great tee shots, I think I would play them differently, only because we have different games. We would be very interested in what you think.  Continue reading

Your Lowest Golf Score on One Hole

A follow-up to an article about your lowest golf score ever, I thought it would fun to see were people stood with their lowest golf score on one hole. The likely hood of shooting one great shot is better than for an entire round and the results were much as expected.

To shoot your lowest score ever on one hole takes, sometimes, a miracle or a well planned and executed swing. It might take a lucky bounce or two, but it only takes on twist of fate to make a good golf shot into an awesome golf shot! Continue reading