Playing a Golf in Spain

I have never teed it up in Spain, however Clint, a frequent reader of The Grateful Golfer, dropped me a couple of pictures of his favorite courses in Spain. I appreciate the pictures and his explanation of how he played the holes.

After looking at these great tee shots, I think I would play them differently, only because we have different games. We would be very interested in what you think. 

The first hole comes from La Cala, Spain.


La Cala, Spain. This hole is 380 Yards with the green just hidden by the peak of the tallest trees.

Here is what Clint had to say about this amazing looking golf hole.

It’s a stunning starting hole, but as you can expect, it’s a daunting hole because of the elevation yet so so many people just wanna “ grip n rip “ and watch the ball fly high into the wind. However, the bunkers left middle ( tree line ) are only 250 yards with the bunkers right fairway just 230 and so many people seem to smash it here, then are shocked when they both slice the shot into the trees on the right or the wind flights across to the trees as at least half the group lost balls.

My point is here.. people see the hole and rather than “play it “ they just want to see some fantasy shot that they can admire, I took my rescue and hit it just 190 well short of the bunkers and bang in the middle of the fairway and then hit another Rescue which landed right side of the green ( Chipped and 2 putted for a 5 – but a very safe 2 Points ) I think some people can get caught up in the beauty of a hole.

Clint is absolutely right about this hole. He used the right course management to play the hole, but I also think there is another way to play this hole.

Personally, I would hit my 3-wood over the left edge of the right bunkers. This club would keep my ball low enough into the wind and help avoid both sets of bunkers. This would set up an approach shot of 150 yards or so which is perfect from my next approach shot. What are your thoughts?

The next hole comes from Torequebrada, Spain.


Torrequebrada, Spain. This is the 10th hole (I think), 415 yard par 4.

Here is what Clint had to say:

My other Favorite hole is this I think is the 14th at Torrequebrada, Spain (actually, I think it is the 10th hole according to the website maps and pictures) and this is purely for Aesthetics. Visually it is an absolute treat as you break down the gradient in the buggy as you approach and sit just looking at the sea in the sun with a narrow drive required ( 280 yards to the pond ) I took my Drive Left over the tree line because with any type of shot with a 230 yard carry the trees break away and the embankment will carry any shot downhill on the fairway which will leave a little 40-50 yard wedge onto an unprotected green.

Clint played this hole close to how I would play it. The pond in the distance is about 300 yards away, so I have no worries of getting wet. On this stunning tee shot, I would aim the ball down the middle of the fairway and try to play a little draw. This would increase my roll and make my approach shot a bit shorter.

That is how  we would play these amazing holes. What do you think? Thanks Clint for sharing your pictures and your thoughts.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Playing a Golf in Spain

  1. I will add that I also the same images with me actually stood on the tee solo or with friends to prove I haven’t just copied some stick images ;-).. just saying.
    And I think its actually Hole 7 according to their course plan
    ” PAR 4 HCP 13

    The tee position is very elevated with bunkers to the left and right sides of the fairway. Stick with an iron and aim for the lake. Your second shot is over the lake taking into account the bunkers around the green. The green drops away
    to the right handside.

    See video

    I appreciate the use and interaction and look forward to others thoughts.

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  2. I don’t think I would back off from my driver on the first hole unless the wind forced me to. I can hit it well enough now that I’ve taken to bringing it with me everywhere. It’s my buddy. I played today and it gave me 260-280 carry distance depending on the breeze with flat terrain at sea level. And I only missed two fairways. So for the first hole, I swing away. In this case, I think a straight ball would be my intention and my aim point would be the crook in the cart path right of the traps. Again, depending on the breeze. My miss is a slight push when I swing for a straight ball flight, so if the wind is cutting across from left to right, I might adjust my aim to the middle of the traps and a right to left wind might have me aiming over the the left side of taller tree tops.

    With the water at 280 on the second hole, I would want to hit a tall fade and hold back to maybe 90% to help insure I don’t run out into the water if there was little to no breeze. With wind at my back, I’d want to hit a draw with my 3 wood. And with the wind in my face I might try the draw with a full driver.

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