Nursing A Golf Injury

A friend of mine recently had hand surgery. He will need to go through extensive rehab to be ready for golf season. I am sure it will involve many hand, wrist, and arm exercises to get back to normal. This is where my interest is peaked. If these exercises are good for rehab, I would think they are good for the rest of us to build up strength and flexibility. (Caution – graphic image below)

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Be Careful – Slippery When Wet

The golf course is a fantastic place to spend time. It is beautiful in many ways and offers the opportunity to contemplate the wonders of nature. However, it also offers dangerous locations than in a wink of an eye can cause injury to the unsuspecting golfer. Well, I had a near miss the other day that I thought was worth sharing.

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Golfing is a Challenge at the Best of Times

With three 9 hole rounds under my belt, I completely understand why golf is a challenge. For the most part, I am playing poorly with some glimmering shots of hope. And to make things worse, I did hurt my elbow and have to take a few days off to let it heal. So what else could go wrong, I mean really! Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, perhaps I need to revisit why I play golf.

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How to Manage Your Golf Game

There is a new normal in my golf game for the next few months. After 21 days in the hospital receiving a stem cell transplant, it is time to focus on getting healthy and of course golf. As I move forward there is one factor I had not consider previous when making my back to the course plan: Energy! Yup, I underestimated the amount of energy it takes to do the simplest things. So, understanding my physical limitations, I now have to apply this new factor to my return to golf plan. Continue reading