Be Careful – Slippery When Wet

The golf course is a fantastic place to spend time. It is beautiful in many ways and offers the opportunity to contemplate the wonders of nature. However, it also offers dangerous locations than in a wink of an eye can cause injury to the unsuspecting golfer. Well, I had a near miss the other day that I thought was worth sharing.

My favorite hole at Osprey Links!

As you can see, Osprey Links is built (at least the back nine) in a very rocky terrain. Not only are there large boulders in plain sight, there are others hidden in the woods waiting for an unsuspecting golfer to take an ill-advised step.

That is what happened to me last round. After my friend (he shall remain nameless, but they know who he is) hit the ball into the woods on the right off the 12th tee. As I entered into the cabbage, I stepped on boulder and immediately went for a slide. You see, it rained a fair bit the night before and the surface of the rock was not receptive to golf shoes. I slide down about 2 feet and landed on my right wrist. It is a bit sore, but nothing serious. It could have been much worse.

As we looped around the rest of the 15 holes, I found several other places that included wood and grass that were just as slippery. I am generally sure-footed, but during that round I felt as if I hand ice skates on. I felt as if the golf course was out to get me.

So my fellow golfers; a word to the wise. If your golf course is wet (due to rain or dew) pay attention to the uneven ground and be aware that golf shoes are actually very slippery on a hard surface. The last thing you or I want to do is have an unexpected break in golf due to an unforeseen injury.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Be Careful – Slippery When Wet

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I slipped on a rock on a wet course similar to what you described. I wasn’t so lucky. I broke my leg and tore my ankle ligaments. surgery is today. I too am normally sure footed and never fall. I have slipped twice now on golf courses. Beware coming off the tee if it is sloped and wet I had the first fall in that situation when I stepped on new turf that should have been roped off. Wear spikes not the casual rubber soles that are so popular. I will not take that chance anymore. Hope to be back in 6 months.

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  2. Jim, about a year and a half ago I slipped on a sloped muddy patch of ground while exiting the green. I fell and totally ruptured my quadricep tendon. It required 2 surgeries and I couldn’t play golf for 5 months. My leg/knee is now healed but will never be the same. I’m back to playing 3-4 days a week although not to the same skill level as before. I was wearing shoes with nubbies and no spikes. Not anymore, now I only wear shoes with spikes as I believe I would not have fallen with spiked shoes.

    Please be very careful anywhere on the course where you could possibly slip.


  3. I’ve certainly been there. Even damaged the same wrist though mine took a couple months to recover. Happy to hear you faired better.

    The old style metal spikes were really slippery on hard wet surfaces. Today’s spikeless shoes fair much better at keeping their grip everywhere except where we need it. On the tee box. But I don’t know of a course in my state that allows metal spikes anymore and I don’t remember hearing the sound they make when walking on concrete for many many years.

    And btw, that is a spectacularly pretty hole you get to play.

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