Closing Out My Golf Season

Time is drawing near where I transition from playing tons of golf to not playing at all. Every year around mid-September, I find that my desire to play as much golf as possible starts to wane. I am not sure if it because of past experiences of a short golf season or my desire to set myself up for a six month layoff. There really is no set time, but around now is when mentally things start to change. Today I am on the links and my goal is very simple. Just have fun and work on nothing…..just play golf.

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Feeling A Golf Shot in My Left Arm

During the cooler temperatures, any miss hit can be felt throughout your body. In my case, the first indication that I hit the ball fat is a vibration that rides up my left arm and into my shoulder. It is not painful (most of the time), but it is obvious that I missed my mark. When this happens, I often wonder if I should react immediately or wait for a few more swings. Before reading on, what would you normally do?

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The Mental Side of Golf

glimmer is hopeA couple of posts ago, I asked for some help from The Grateful Golfer Community and I am happy to say, that I received some great responses. So much so, I thought they were worth sharing with everyone.

These great response did get my mental juices going and I feel better prepared for spring. As we all know, the mental side of golf is just as important as your physical prowess. Participating in a sport generally means competition, not always, but more likely than not. Golf is especially competitive either against someone or yourself; the intent is always to shoot our lowest score ever. The following are the tips I received and what they mean to me. Continue reading

I Will Putt That, Thank You.

I recently asked the question about being offered a guarantee two putt from 15 feet or further during your entire round. My intent was that you had to take the every time. I was wondering how many players would take the offer. There is the results:

I have to say that I am not really surprised. Most players, including myself, think that if you are putting, no matter the distance, we are confident that we can sink the putt. This poll brought an idea to mind that I would like to share.

Confidence is critical to low golf scores. You have heard me discuss this in the past, but it is a topic that warrants repeating. I still like David MacKenzie from Golf State of Mind views of how to build confidence in your golf game. (for a more detailed explanation click here) Here is what he has to say:

  • Don’t be Self Critical.
  • Don’t Give Yourself Technical Feedback on the Golf Course.
  • Visualize and Feel.
  • Develop a Strong Shot Routine.
  • React Indifferently to Bad Shots.
  • Take Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone.
  • Change Your Goals.
  • Focus On What You Did Well.
  • Recall pass success.
  • Believe in Yourself!

Confidence in your golf swing, course management, and the mental side of golf goes along way to being a scratch golfer. Every time I tee it up, I hope to shoot my best score ever and have the confidence in my game to do it! I continually work on my game in my perceived areas of weakness and in turn this builds my confidence to perform well on the course.

How confident are you in your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

An Awesome Gift from “Golf is Mental”

Have you ever been away on a trip and arrive home to find a special gift in the mail? Have you ever received a much welcomed gift unexpectantly? Well, that is what happened when I returned home after being away for 9 days on a work/golf trip!

A while back, Josh from Golf is Mental, whose “simple insights into a complicated game” are definitely worth the read, ran a contest for new subscribers and loyal readers of his outstanding golf blog. He was giving away a dozen Pro V1 golf balls in each category.

As a loyal reader for quite some time, I immediately signed up. With no expectation of winning; I thought I would support my e-community of golfing fans and pass the word around. Fortunately for me, Josh selected my name and let me know that the treasure was in the mail.

While away for the past 9 days, I focused on playing in Ontario Regional Golf Tournament and zoned out of the happenings back at the homestead. As my darling wife and I arrrived home, we stopped to check the mail and ‘surprise’ my gift had arrived.


A gift from Josh at ‘Golf is Mental”

Talk about brightening someone’s day! This surprise gift definitely lifted my spirits! Josh, thank you very much for the wonderful gift. I hope that someday we can play a round of golf and I can share the memories of how your generosity helped me break par!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!