Closing Out My Golf Season

Time is drawing near where I transition from playing tons of golf to not playing at all. Every year around mid-September, I find that my desire to play as much golf as possible starts to wane. I am not sure if it because of past experiences of a short golf season or my desire to set myself up for a six month layoff. There really is no set time, but around now is when mentally things start to change. Today I am on the links and my goal is very simple. Just have fun and work on nothing…..just play golf.

Just playing golf sounds like a ‘duh’ moment for many readers, but it is important to understand my approach to playing golf. I try to use each round as a learning opportunity. I am never sure where this precious moment will arise, however staying engaged to recognize the moment is key to my successes during my golf season. With no real practice facility near by, I spend far more time playing and less time practicing as the season wears on. That is why today is just a relaxing approach to my game by just playing and having fun.

Winter wonderland!

Today is not my last round of the season. There is still a good month of decent weather left, so I expect I will play about once a week moving forward. By freeing up my time, I can start preparing for the white stuff that is coming. This extra time allows me to gently transition to fall/winter interests that will quickly be upon me. For those who have not lived in a place that has six months on wintery weather, the preparation process is very important in order to maximize our enjoyment of winter activities.

At this point in my golf season, I have usually accomplished my goals, played in enough events, and socialized a great deal with my friends and fellow golfers. The last check in the box continues through the winter, but is a slightly reduced rate as we will not be spending 4 hours on the links s to 4 times a week. Therefore, it is time to start transitioning to the next stage of my yearly routine.

The image above is a bit premature, but as of today the transition and preparations begin. It is not a sad day, it is just a day to play golf and enjoy talking to my friends, hitting a little white ball, and ‘taking in’ my time on the links. Life is good and I am blessed.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Closing Out My Golf Season

  1. I saw a review this past week on a new tiny simulator from James Robinson Golf on youtube. I believe he said it ran about 600 pounds. Not sure what the exchange rate would do to that but, for what it is and what it can do, that seems like a great idea to expand on your practicing ability in the basement. Not sure what you think of the idea, but I figure it’s a little less than I’ll spend on golf over the 6 months you’re snowed in only counting one golf outing a week at 30 dollars a pop. Just think. No tee times. No waiting. You can finish a round in an hour or less every night and when the season starts again you’ll be ready for it.

    Here’s a link to the video if that has an interest for you.


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