Watching Golf on TV

It is cold and snowy outside. I plan on doing something in the crisp cool temperatures later, but right now while I am writing this article, I am also watching  golf on TV.

I am watching Hideki Matsuyama work his way around in the final round of the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions. It was interesting to watch Hideki and others make some amazing shots shot in the mid 60s for their final round. What was more interesting was the analysis by the Morning Drive crew on the Golf Channel. Continue reading

Hope for the Next Shot in Golf

Hope is defined as “to cherish a desire with anticipation”.  Everyday we express our desire for a specific outcome and hope that it occurs. It is a natural emotion and is a powerful motivator for most golfers!

Every shot has many components and hope is a very large component of some player’s success. I would be lying if I did not use hope as a tool on the course, however I would say less now than 20 years ago. Want to know why? Continue reading

Golf Swing Transition

Transition of the hips is one of the biggest faults in a golf swing. Most amateurs have a tendency to over rotate their hips and as a result, the club comes through on an outward-inward swing plane. This type of rotation generally creates that dreaded slice. In some cases, like myself, I generally pull the ball to the left side of the fairway.

My problem, other than having a bobble head, is in my hips. When swinging at the correct tempo my hips are in sync with the rest of my swing. However, if I swing too fast, thinking that I will hit the ball farther, my hips pop open and my right knee finishes pointing at the ball. This is a known fault of mine and I continually work on correcting it.

I also have difficulty explaining the proper hip / thigh process. So, I found this quick video from the National University Golf Academy. Ted Norby explains the proper process to follow to make consistent, solid contact every time.

Watching the video highlighted my challenge with my right knee. Now that I have a fix, I am off to the range.

What do you think? Is the hip / knee transition as important as Norby highlights?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!