The Mental Side of Golf

glimmer is hopeA couple of posts ago, I asked for some help from The Grateful Golfer Community and I am happy to say, that I received some great responses. So much so, I thought they were worth sharing with everyone.

These great response did get my mental juices going and I feel better prepared for spring. As we all know, the mental side of golf is just as important as your physical prowess. Participating in a sport generally means competition, not always, but more likely than not. Golf is especially competitive either against someone or yourself; the intent is always to shoot our lowest score ever. The following are the tips I received and what they mean to me.

In no particular order:

From Brian at All About Golf: “Take dead aim. ” It is very easy to slip into mechanical thoughts over the ball and forget we are playing a target oriented game! My takeaway is to stay focused on the end result. Stay out of my head and remember that hitting the ball towards a target will help keep the rest of my game in check.

From Josh at Golf is Mental: Having a small and specific target on each shot helps me, particularly when I can find something beyond the green, like the top of a tree behind the green. I try to think about that target and only that target. It helps me make a smooth swing as if I were on the driving range if I convince myself that the target is the only thing that matters, as opposed to everything between me and the hole which could get me in trouble! My takeaway is to not let the non-issue parts of the course detract from my focus. Look past any obstacles and focus on my end goal.

From The Seeds 4 Life said: I think the best advice is to just let go! Visualize how you want the shot to go, trust that you have the skills to pull it off, then step up and let it happen. The millisecond the ball comes off the club, be accepting of whatever happens…..So the best advice I think is to simply focus only on the next shot, the present moment, and understand that one or several bad shots or holes in a row doesn’t mean you can’t play your best golf ever the very next stretch. My takeaway is to stay in the moment. Good shots and bad shots will happen, but to stay in the moment and focus on the shot at hand will help keep my confidence up during the entire round.

Wayne from Golfing on Kauai said: After every bad shot I always tell myself, “Only let it cost you one stroke, hit a high percentage shot and get back in the game.” My take away is to accept my mistakes and not to compound them with another one. Basically, take my medicine for a poor shot.

All of these tips really helped me refocus and to understand that golf is a mental game. The many aspects of playing preparation are affected in one way or another on your mental state. Additionally, my state of mind on the course is not just about how well I am swinging a golf club; it is just as important to understand how keep my confidence and limit the damage of one shot. There are many other factors to consider and the ones mentioned above are great place to start.

Thank you everyone for helping me out. I am grateful that you took the time to drop me a line!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



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