Golf for Golf’s Sake

I am not sure why many fans of golf originally gravitated towards the sport. I am confident that what ever reason brought someone over is as unique as a snowflake. In the modern day of social media, instant news, and a constant barrage of useless information, creating drama seems to be quickly becoming a method to garner interest (regardless of how fleeting) It seems that controversy sells and positive deeds are overlooked in many cases. As a person who reads and writes about about golf, I am not sure that the path fame in the golfing world is paved by constantly talking about contentious topics. Does creating drama actually draw new viewers to golf or does it turn off the people who are already tuned in?

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Playing Golf Is Now Vogue

I read an article from the CTV News (a national news agency in Canada) and it said that the number of rounds of golf played in 2022 rose in North America. This is great news for the golf industry and I hope the trend continues. Instead of me trying to explain the data, I will let you read it for yourself:

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Behind in the 2020 Golf News

Have started off a bit slow this year. I am writing each day, but not finding the time to follow any golf news. Especially the introduction of the new World Handicap System. I have quickly looked at a few articles, but yet to have analysed what it will mean to my game. That is coming in the future for sure.

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I Am Tired of Golf Already

The season has not even started and I am tired of golf already……no, that is not right. I am tired of waiting for golf. I get so confused sometimes. Yesterday, I was having coffee with my friend Blair and informed me that our local course is planning to hope in 2 weeks. That puts the date at 15 April; which coincidentally is my target date every year. So now it starts!  Continue reading

Golf Blogs to Follow

simple and complicatedReading about golf is fun and entertaining. The plethora of sites cover every possible aspect of golf and provide an opportunity for golfing fans to share their thoughts. I think it is important to share all things golf, so I figured sharing some interesting golfing blogs would be of interest to you.

So, I thought I would name drop some golf blogs I check/read daily. Each offers something unique and they are not listed in any order of importance.
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