I Am Tired of Golf Already

The season has not even started and I am tired of golf already……no, that is not right. I am tired of waiting for golf. I get so confused sometimes. Yesterday, I was having coffee with my friend Blair and informed me that our local course is planning to hope in 2 weeks. That puts the date at 15 April; which coincidentally is my target date every year. So now it starts! 

The infamous waiting game begins. It is time to kick my pre-season activities into high gear, but we have had that discussion. As I fill my time, I like to read the golf news, check out new drills, and increase my fitness. Again, the last two points are nothing new. However, the golfing news is interesting this week.

Of course, most of the media are focused on the Masters. It is the first Major and, in my opinion, the best of the year. It is not because of the difficulty or the stellar play, but the pressure of trying to win the green jacket. I have picked Rory McIlroy as my champion, but I am sure your view is different. If you want, there is still time to get into The Grateful Golfer Major Prediction Contest (boy does that roll off the tongue). If you or anyone else who wants to join, you/they still have a couple of days.

The other big news about The Masters is that Tiger Woods has officially withdrawn from the big dance. I have to say I am not surprised, nor disappointed. Of course, it would be great to see his old self back competing, but I think we can all agree that he is just not ready. Rumors are abound about his retirement or other big golf related announcement, but we will just have to wait.

The LPGA’s first Major, ANA INSPIRATION, is still ongoing. When I authored this post, Michelle Wie was leading at -9. I wish her luck and hope she takes home her second Major. This might be the win she needs to springboard her career to the next level.

Well that is it for today. I am looking forward to swinging the clubs on the links in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, the ranges will be open before then.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “I Am Tired of Golf Already

  1. Jim,
    Patience, it’s almost here. At least you’re not in New England. My people in Maine got hit with another foot of snow yesterday. They won’t see the ground until May – LOL!

    Agreed on the Tiger thing. It’s almost “not news” anymore. BTW, put me down for Jordan Spieth in the Masters.

    Good luck and hang in there!


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    • Brian

      A foot of snow is not good for anyone’s golf game! Just saw 3 deer eating in my front yard on all the grassy areas. We will be hitting the links very soon. I will put you do for Jordan Spieth. I will add other names you can change later…follows the guidelines of the contest. All is good. Thanks for playing and good luck.


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