April Fool’s Day Revisited.

I wrote this article last year and thought it would be fun to revisit it.

However, I thought I would add this important milestone. For those who like history; The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) was created on this day in 1924.

The new RCAF ranks and insignia poster

Happy April Fools Day! As many of you know, it is a day to pull pranks and jokes on each other for the “fun” of it. Over the years, I experienced my share of jokes and looking back some were very funny. The origins of April Fools Day is a bit murky, however the intent to for some light-hearted laughter between friends.

Over the years, I was the recipient of  pranks on the golf course. They did not occur on April Fools Day, but they made for some laughter between friends for sure. I am not sure of your tolerance level of pranks of the golf course, but I do not mind the occasional prank to lighten the round.

Pranks should be designed to be fun between friends. They should not be mean spirited and I do not condone bullying. Sometimes a joke between friends is funny and I have experienced a few through the years. I thought I would share a couple with you.

I was playing in a fun golf tournament (scramble) for work a few years ago. This event was designed for everyone to get to know each other away from work. There were no prizes, but bragging rights were definitely on the line. One particular hole was completely blind into the green; without a care, we hit our balls towards the green and started the march to find them. As we crested the hill, we saw what looked like 25 golf balls in the fairway! As we approached, we noticed that these white balls were in fact marshmallows! After a laugh we located our ball and move on. As it turned out, this prank was the a highlight in the club-house for most of the players.

I was playing behind a group of four friends on a regular Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day and I was having a great round. On the hole I was pranked, the group in front found two sticks and propped the pin on the opposite side of the green to the hole! I was about 175 yards out and could not see the sticks so I aimed for the pin. Well, as it turned out the joke was on the group in front because I pulled my shot and ended up 40 feet from the pin, but 10 feet from the hole. With a smile on my face, I confidently stepped up and made the putt for birdie! When we met in the clubhouse they were laughing waiting for my expression; when I explained what happened, I was the one laughing!

Many years ago, I was playing a course in southern British Columbia. I was on the 10th tee and the green was 325 yards away. I hit the best drive of my life! The ball keep going and going until if came to rest in the green side bunker! My friends on the green looked back and realized we were still on the tee so all was good. As I approached my ball, I noticed that they wrote “you missed’ in the sand trap. The note was not beside my ball, it was in the entire sand trap! My first reaction was not pleasant until I noticed my playing partners chuckling as they marked their balls. I realize that I probably would have done the same thing, so I splashed out on to the green and rake the entire trap!

The last prank is one which continues to manifest. On a blind par three, some of my friends like to put a ball in the hole. Of course, the first time I was excited, but after that I never fall for this light-hearted prank at all. This particular joke does not bother me because 99% of the time I know if my ball has a chance of going in or not, but my friends get a chuckle out of their prank and I guess if it makes my friends happy, it is good for me.

April Fools Day can be fun! You will notice that all of my stories have one thing in common, fun interaction between friends. Golf is a contact sport and having fun with my friends is definitely a big draw for me. On this silly day, I hope you are having fun and enjoying your time on the links!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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