#GolfChat – Articles Worth Reading

The articles from #GolfChat this month feature how women are portrayed to sell the game of golf; specifically, Women’s Objectification in Golf Media. I posted mine yesterday titled: #GolfChat – Caddies to Consumerism.

The following articles are diverse as they are interesting. The opinions expressed by the authors are theirs; agree or disagree, the choice is yours. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the read.

Cassie Norris: WAGs vs. Rory’s Abs – Cassie’s pointed and direct article highlights the disparity of only using beautiful women to sell golf. “WAGs (wives and girlfriends) are the significant others of men in the limelight. The abbreviation is used regularly in articles and photo galleries. And it’s b******t. Don’t get me wrong – many of the women married to pro athletes are GORGEOUS. I mean, drop-dead, smoke show, insanely beautiful women. Even other women can appreciate the beauty of these ladies.”

Tiffany Chaisson: Looking Good vs. Being Good – Tiff chronicles start to golf and how the her love of golf. She has taken her passion to a new level as she travels the world introducing golf to juniors.  “July 2014 I picked up a club and fell in love. I started practicing at the golf resort where I worked and hit ball after ball after ball. I would hit a whole pyramid daily (which was 400 balls). I was too nervous I would ruin the course, so I didn’t play there but just practiced. That summer I did play on some other smaller courses closer to my home but spent most of my time practicing before and after work.”

John Retzer: Golf.com Still Objectifying Women – Takes exception to how a specific organization uses sexism to sell golf. “Golf.Com has redesigned their site, boasting of a cleaner design, faster loading and a new editorial focus. Plus, they’ve added a virtual store to let you buy clubs and other golf gear. In spite of the revisions, however, I still can’t take the publication seriously. Front and center is the cheesecake that drove me away from the last version.”

Soren Jacobsen: Swing Like Her – Soren is changing his view on who to emulate when swinging a golf club “I’ve spent my entire adult life (all of it that I can remember, anyway), wanting to be Ernie Els (on the golf course, at least). I’ve always loved, and wanted to imitate, his swing. He is tall (like me), has an easy swing (just like I do… in my head), and seems to move effortlessly around the golf course (I could do this very well, myself… as a caddie).”

Mike Johnny: Larger Than They Appear – Mike writes a great tribute to women on International Women’s Day. “As I write this, it is International Women’s Day and the #Golfchat Authors have a monthly topic to contribute to, Women’s Objectification in Golf Media. There are many places to take a topic like this and issues of social media, objectification, demographics, sexuality and history are all themes which I am certain we will see woven throughout submissions. Any my guess is that some authors will explore the issue from a deficit model, or, what is not right about the role of women in the game today.”

I hope you enjoyed this months topic from my fellow #GolfChat authors. I am not sure what next months topic will be, but stay tuned for more hard-hitting golf articles from around the world.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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