Behind in the 2020 Golf News

Have started off a bit slow this year. I am writing each day, but not finding the time to follow any golf news. Especially the introduction of the new World Handicap System. I have quickly looked at a few articles, but yet to have analysed what it will mean to my game. That is coming in the future for sure.

The tee shirt my wife made me last year!

Being behind is not because I am not interested for sure. I just means that I am being pulled in other directions. All good things and just life stuff. I will, however, start to ramp up my focus on golf stuff after we return our grand-fur-baby to his mother at the end of the month. He seems to unintentionally be taking up quite a bit of time; or maybe I just want to be around him.

The great thing about golf is that I can look back at the January news in February without really missing out on much. It will always be there and most of the headlines will have been tossed to the side by the time I start to peruse them. Golf is a slow moving target that does not seem to have anything earth shattering at any given time. It generally plods along and offers entertainment when the reader is ready.

So, I will be looking back and being more engaged later. In the meantime, is there anything you think I have missed and should be made aware of with respect to golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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