A Great Golf Message From – “Golf is Mental”

I do try to read as many golf blogs as possible. The provide me with great information and sometimes inspiration for my writings. This is the case from Josh at Golf is Mental and his article “When Less is More”! I recommend you head over to his site and read this (and other articles); they provide some great insight for amateur golfers looking to improve their game.

Josh’s article talks about the challenges of life and his desire to be a great golfer. On a side note, his wife Beth is a great player in here own right and helps inspire Josh to improve his game. Josh talks about making a mental change to has approach to playing, practicing, and perfecting his golf game. Basically, he decided to be the happiest golfer he could be when playing.

A profound statement or not, it resonates with me. I always talk about being grateful for the amazing things in my life, but rarely to I talk about being happy. I guess, I kind of tie these two emotions together. And now I am wondering if I really should do this; are they really the same thing.

Well, I have given it some thought and although they are exactly the same, they are linked very strongly. Personally, I feel that being happy and grateful work hand and hand, but that does not lessen Josh’s message. Being happy lessened the pressure of playing well all the time and his game actually improved. This is where “Less is More” comes in. By focusing on being a happier player, he lower his handicap.

I am sure there is a scientific name for this correlation, but I cannot help you there. I can say that a positive mental attitude derived from being a happier golfer does work. Approaching golf (and life) challenges from a positive view does help lessen the low points and increase the high. I can easily see how this positive, happy approach would improve your golf game.

I want to thank Josh for reminding me about the importance of a positive mental approach to golf. I will keep this words in mind as I start preparing from my 2020 golf season.

Oh yeah, if you are looking for a new golf hat, stop by Josh’s e-store. He might have something unique you are looking for; you can get there from this link: The Hat Shop.

I am a grateful, happy golfer! See you on the links!

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