A Great Golf Message From – “Golf is Mental”

I do try to read as many golf blogs as possible. The provide me with great information and sometimes inspiration for my writings. This is the case from Josh at Golf is Mental and his article “When Less is More”! I recommend you head over to his site and read this (and other articles); they provide some great insight for amateur golfers looking to improve their game.

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Have a Fantastic Thursday

Today, we take possession of our new house. After weeks of couch surfing, the day has arrived and we are very excited to start our new adventure in a new town. So, no golf talk today; but a mind full of positive thoughts.

Have a Fantastic Thursday! Only you can create the day you want.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

It is a Matter of Choice

Choose to be Happy

I believe that being grateful and happy is a choice. For years I have changed the way I thought to help shape the life I want to live. Has it been easy, no, but definitely rewarding. Some days the light I see at the end of the tunnel feels like a train, but as I continue to shape my thoughts, my world changes shape as well! Every day is a better day.

Change your thoughts, change your world – Norman Vincent Peale

I also believe this mindset is transferable to golf. Golfing is a game of immense concentration for short periods of time. The rest of the time I spend enjoying my surroundings by soaking in its beauty, enjoying the company of my playing partners, or just being in the moment. All this has help me be a better golfer. I feel more relaxed, in control and just plain happy.

I am grateful for so many things and I count my blessing every day! I make it a point of using positive affirmations at the beginning and end of each day. For me, it is a perfect way to start and end my day.

What techniques do you use to positively improve your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Ho-Hum Golf

Norwood Golf Course 3 Nov 14 (12)

I choose to be motivated about golf!

This is the worst time of the year for golf. After a 4 week break, the PGA Tour is back to play. This week’s Hawaiian Classic is the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Unfortunately, I cannot be excited about this event. Do not get me wrong, I am happy to see the pros back to work, but this tournament just does not generate the excitement of other events. I am not sure why, but well, I am just not sure.

I am motivated to play golf. I am excited to prepare for the upcoming season. I am keen to continue to learn more about the mental side of the game, but watching….nope it is just not there.

It could be that I still have 3 months to wait to play! I could be that my the cold weather is finally taking its toll! Or maybe I am just sad I have not swung a club in 2 months.

Ok, I have led you down a negative path on purpose! I am actually very motivated about the upcoming golf season. I am actively searching for new drills and purposely reading the adventures of my fellow golfing fanatics. If you are looking for a couple great blogs to read, check out the traveling adventures of Josh at Golf is Mental or Pete’s golfing news at White Dragon Golf. The musings of SVGolfer are always fun. And of course the golf articles at Pundit Arena (you may recognize the author of some golfing articles). Reading these, and many more blogs, always keep me smiling.

It is important to stay positive and enthused about golf to be successful. I choose to be positive about golf and life. I believe that I am in control of my moods by the way I think, act, and accept what comes my way every day. This is a low point of golf for me because of the time of year, but instead of focusing on the negative, I choose to run towards the positive.

How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!