Making a Decision About Your Golf Game

Making a decision about your golf game is never easy. No matter what you decide, it inevitably generates joy, frustration, consternation, frustration (oh yeah mentioned that one already) and success. It is a process that is unique to the player which no one can change. However, I want to pose a hypothetical (or maybe more real that we think) situation regarding any decision. I my view, making a decision comes in two categories: forced or intentional. The more I think about any changes I made to my golf game, the movement to a different path fell into one of those two categories.

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Flipping The Club Head At Impact

Does your golf swing lead to a tendency to flip the club head through impact? Do find that you are losing distance and ball control because of the way your hands react at the bottom of your swing? These and many more challenges happen when players develop counter moves to their poor swing techniques and flipping the club through impact is on of the more common mistakes. Generally, players with a poor takeaway, as seen in the video below, and weak club head control find themselves struggling with the flip. Chris Ryan explains how to correct this swing challenge in simple and understandable terms. Take a look.

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How To Get More Out Of Your Golf Game!

Do you want lower golf scores? Do you have a driving desire to squeeze ever drop of skill from your game? Is it possible that you have more room to grow on the golf course. If you do, then you need to keep reading because I was told the secret to success recently and I think I need to share it so everyone can benefit!

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Are You A Serious Golfer?

I would consider myself a serious golfer. Well, to a degree I do because as an amateur there are limitations to my abilities and motivation to be a better players. This is an unfortunate reality for most players who at one time in their career were too involved to realize that their “dedication” to the game was actually hurting their scores. This seems to be the case for Jordan Spieth as he recently explains during an interview.


Who Needs More Than One Wedge – I Do!

In my younger playing days, I rarely used anything other than a pitching wedge for shorts within 100 yards. I would open the face, hood it, over swing, and choke down for delicate shots. It was my everything club and I thought I was playing great golf. At that time I was a solid 12 handicapper and felt that by focusing on one wedge, I held the secret to lowering my index. Boy, could I have not been more wrong!

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