Flipping The Club Head At Impact

Does your golf swing lead to a tendency to flip the club head through impact? Do find that you are losing distance and ball control because of the way your hands react at the bottom of your swing? These and many more challenges happen when players develop counter moves to their poor swing techniques and flipping the club through impact is on of the more common mistakes. Generally, players with a poor takeaway, as seen in the video below, and weak club head control find themselves struggling with the flip. Chris Ryan explains how to correct this swing challenge in simple and understandable terms. Take a look.

I can say, even though I am a 3 handicapper, I have this challenge from time to time. It generally happens on my approach shots when I am trying to hit a straight ball into an elevated green. I feel I have to help my shot, when really all I need to do is trust my swing and let my clubs do the work. I know this happens because my ball travels much higher than normal and I am short by a great deal. Of course, I do not recognize my swing errors until after my shot, but I know they are there.

I find it interesting how Chris Ryan suggests how the angle of the club head has a direct impact on whether flipping the club becomes a issue or not. I am going to try his club face drill during my next swing practice time. This is something I should be able to see in my garage without any issues. I will get back to you on my results.

In the meantime, Chris offers some valuable suggestions on how to avoid flipping the club through contact. If you have this challenge, I suggest you try his drill to determine the angle of your club head during your initial drawback of the club. This might be your challenge and would be worth fixing. Let us know how things go.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Flipping The Club Head At Impact

  1. Pretty much every video I’ve seen on the turn in the past few months advocates for keeping the club face closed on the take away just like this guy is. And I’ve done that naturally forever. But where my swing is at right now in the process, I feel more at ease if I let the club roll more open on the takeaway. I don’t seem to have any trouble closing it back up in the transition and that’s where it feels best to do it at present as well as being what’s producing the best results. But if I want to hit a low stinger, I’ll fall back on keeping the face closed. I just have to watch out and make sure I stay in sync because when I get out of sync my arms will either tend to roll over and instead of a stinger, I’ll get a pull draw that’s mostly likely headed OB or my turn won’t be fast enough and that will lead to a dead push.

    What a day. Today I shot one under but I had two blow up holes, a double and a triple so for me, I think that’s both impressive and exciting for the future. It still doesn’t seem all that long ago when I had trouble breaking 80 after all.

    The work I’m doing is starting to really pay dividends. Those blow up holes today aside, my other mistakes were limited to two things. I topped a couple tee shots once with 3 wood and once with 3 hydrid, and I went long into two ditches while hitting into the breeze and thinking I’d chosen a safe club. And going long is going to happen when you’re working on gaining distance so that’s something that feels more worthy of celebration than regret. Our internal distance control is going to need adjustment that can only come after the fact. It takes a little time to sync up. And I’m happy to see that problem show up.

    So today, I’m the grateful Florida golfer.


    • Kevin,

      That is a great score for sure. Blow up holes are all part of the game, we all get them and your positive attitude helps you forget them faster than normal. Congrats and keep playing well.

      Cheers Jim


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