Golf Tips Provide An 80 Percent Solution

Golf tips are designed, in most cases, to improve your golf game. Typing in ‘golf tips’ into Google, I received 1,400,000,000 responses in just 0.5 seconds. Obviously, I will have to refine my search to something more specific, yet regardless of how refined I make my search I still need to practice to develop the skill needed to improve my game. My point for this mini diatribe is that regardless of the tip, it really only provides an 80 percent solution to your quandaries. It is impossible to find the one tip that actually works for your game all the time; by striving for an 80% solution magical things can happen to your game.

Advanced Golf Tip: Landing in a quadrant.

I realize that this is not the results most players strive for, but it is the reality of any training situation. It is unreasonable to expect that each tip will produce great gains or else many teaching professionals will be out of work. 🙂 After years of effort, I find that even incremental improvements in my game are a huge step. Finding that one nugget, that one small adjustment, that one new technique that changes something gives me my 80%. Of course this was not always the case, but as a low handicapper tips that help are game are not as numerous as players just beginning.

In the early stages of my golf journey, I wasted a great deal of time trying tip after tip without any real changes to my game. I thought I was making improvements, but most of that was perceived and very tiny at best. I was all over the place and did not realizing that trying tip after tip was not really working my game, it was doing something for something’s sake.

If I could back track to 20 years ago, I would offer myself some advice that would have sped up my learning cure. I would have focused my efforts using this strategy:


My message would not have been anymore complex than that; yet it would have changed things dramatically. I actually think I would be a better golfer at this time with great opportunities to shoot under par more. I realize that this does not seem like much of a goal, but I along the way I would have competed better, maybe one a few more events, and lessened my frustration of trying to attain that 80%.

Golf is a fantastic sport that offers any player the opportunity to succeed. They set their own benchmarks and goals, work towards achieving them, and hopefully continue their journey while enjoying the all the magical moments along the way. I am not disappointed to say the least, but I sometimes like to think what if? And today is one of those days.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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