Update: Working The Golf Course In The Off-Season

This is an update as of 28 February 2020 on what Jeff and Craig were doing in the picture below: Well, with the crazy weather this winter, knowing we’ve had severe freeze thaw cycles trying to get a handle on how much ice is under the snow. And how and when we can remove it…

If you have ever wondered what happens at the golf course in the off-season, you should take a short trip to see your GM and Superintendent right about now! I try to keep tabs on the Osprey Links team when winter sets in because I always find out interesting things about what they do in the winter to make my upcoming golf season a success.

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Playing Early Bird Golf

Early bird golf is great fun. It provides an opportunity to be one with nature, think about your game, and enjoy the awesome surroundings as the sun peaks over the trees. It is my favorite time of the day to play and is the worth effort to get up early. There is something else that many players overlook and should actually be part of their early bird routine if they get a chance. Continue reading