Playing Early Bird Golf

Early bird golf is great fun. It provides an opportunity to be one with nature, think about your game, and enjoy the awesome surroundings as the sun peaks over the trees. It is my favorite time of the day to play and is the worth effort to get up early. There is something else that many players overlook and should actually be part of their early bird routine if they get a chance.

How can you tell you are the first person on the golf course for early birds?

Walking the course and admiring the tremendous work the Osprey Links maintenance staff complete every day is like watching an ugly duckling transform into a beautiful swan. And this year is especially is true. The amount of rain we received in the area is well above normal and has caused fits for the golf course staff. However, diligently they toil each day to improve the course so I can relish in my morning walks.

The last three courses I have been a member, I have made a point of talking to the maintenance staff and thank them for all their hard work. As we cross paths, I ask how their day is going, find out about their plans for the course and discuss the possible problem areas to avoid. These hard workers have great insight into to the course and provide valuable information regarding playing conditions.

Additionally, I think it is important to show them gratitude for improving my home course every day. My last early bird round, I ran across the gentlemen changing the pins at least three times. Each time, he offered a bit of information about the course and we discussed how the recent sun really improved the playing conditions. He stated that two more days of sun and the course will be in the best condition of the year. I am hoping to hit the links that day for sure.

Talking to the golf course staff is important. Thanking them for their hard work and meticulous care of the course is also very important. If I want my course to continue to be in awesome condition, it is important to acknowledge the work of those who make my golfing rounds pleasurable. Do you take the time to thank the maintenance staff when you see them on the links?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from


6 thoughts on “Playing Early Bird Golf

  1. I’m not playing as much early morning golf as I’d like but it’s one of the more blissful experiences I’ve ever had. Everything seems to move at a slower pace and that’s good for my spirit and my golf game! Of course nothing beats an early morning round as part of 36 a day! And I love your respect to greens staff, nice!
    Cheers, Mike


  2. Jim,

    I too love playing early in the morning. I actually like the sound of mowers first thing in the morning at the course! I usually give the staff a friendly wave or nod. It’s a lot of work to maintain golf course and we should definitely show our appreciation. I spent 6 summers through high school and university working on the grounds crew of golf courses — still my favorite job to date!


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  3. Hi Jim,
    we have a great rapport with our grounds staff while playing. It is sometimes very daunting having to play a shot while they are standing and watching, as they are all very low single digit handicappers themselves.A duff shot is received by some good natured laughter and verbal advice.

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