Early Bird Golf Rules the Day

Golfing at any time brings most golfers great happiness. It is an opportunity to walk and relish in the beauty of nature. This is true for me not matter when or where I am golfing. Well, okay this was a bit of an overstatement. I do have a favorite time to golf. And I wondered if I was crazy to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to be the first player on the course!

Apparently, I am not the only player who likes to hit the links early. According to my recent survey:

39% of golfers like to get out and play an early round. Buy doing so, they get to enjoy the beauty of the morning, play a round of golf, and still have the day to do other things. Sounds pretty awesome to me.


The sun is just starting to come up on a dew covered course!

We play in early sounds of the world waking up around us. And with any luck, be able to be the first player of the day to make a birdie on the course. It is one of the many things I like about early bird golf.


Golf is a great way to spend our time. Spending it at the right time of day only enhance our enjoyment on the links. I like playing golf early in the morning, how about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Early Bird Golf Rules the Day

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  3. Hey Jim,

    I love early morning rounds too. My favorite is being the first group off, but that doesn’t happen too often. Having said that, it is also pretty cool playing twilight when the sun is setting.


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  4. I hate mornings. Golfing is the only acceptable excuse for their creation. I often am one of the last to leave the course. Then again, I work with websites and databases and most of the things I do are better done at night. So a 6:30 tee time means I only got a couple of hours of sleep.

    And there is also the fact that if I tee off late in the day, most courses I play don’t mind if I get extra holes in. I’ve played as many as 40 holes in a day and all for the price of one discounted 18 hole round. In fact, at my home course, I just simply plan on 9 holes of practice before I start my round.

    This time of year it’s tougher due to all the people from up north who come down each year for a few months to enjoy our better weather. They keep all the courses busy and slow. But once they are gone, I can play a nine in an hour if I’m riding. My home course only allows members to walk and even they have to wait until the afternoon. But one of the city courses here will let you play all day for one greens fee if you are walking. So if you want the most golf for your money, the evening rules.

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