Tranquility on the Golf Course

Tranquility is priceless on the golf course! Yesterday, I talked about playing solo on the golf course and remaining in the moment for the entire round! I am happy to announce that this mission was accomplished. What a fantastic time on the links!

I started my round at 5:45 am (finished in 2 hours and 25 minutes) with a large coffee in hand. As I pulled up to the golf course, I was the only car in the parking lot. The only sounds I was hearing were the beautiful melody of the birds. Unfortunately, I disrupted the calm, only briefly, to prepare for a journey down tranquility lane! My initial feeling of calm was very therapeutic. 


Shadowy darkness during early bird golf.

Walking to the first tee, the shadows of the night were slowly ebbing away like the tide on the Bay of Fundy! Standing on the first tee, I closed my eyes and opened my senses to my calm and restful surroundings. Although the first couple of holes were played in quasi darkness, the lack of shadows provided a new perspective to Osprey Links.

Sun shine 5th hole

The early morning shine makes the course sparkle.

Slowly, I could see the dew on the grass sparkle like diamonds as the sun started to peak over the horizon. The twinkling of the grass was akin to a clear bright starry night. As I looked at the lonely trail I left behind, it was if I was the first ever to walk on the grass; of course we know that is not true, but only for a moment it seemed as if I was an adventure seeking out new lands.

long shadow small

I am a giant!

As the round continued, the sun elongated all the shadows! It added a new challenge to my game, but also provided the sense that I was 10 feet tall; I was a giant! It was amazing to watch the course stretch in front of my eyes, only to spring back into shape in the space of one hole. As the shadows lessened, I returned to my normal size, but my feeling of being larger than normal did subside.

Making the turn, I noticed a change in my surroundings. The ambient noise had changed from the sweet sound of nature, to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Car doors were slamming, golf carts were crisscrossing everywhere and the sound of human voices were assaulting me from all directions. Quickly, I launched myself into the back nine and much of the disturbing sounds disappeared. The tranquility of being solo on the golf course returned.

Looping around the back nine I noticed a gradual return to reality. I encountered course workers, saw a couple of other golfers, and felt my complete calmness slowly drain away. I was not stressed or anxious about the change, but the deep feeling of tranquility was replaced with everyday life.


The tranquility of golfing solo!

My time on the links was amazing. I enjoyed being alone with my own thoughts and relished being in the moment. While enjoying my surroundings, I was amazed at how little I thought about my game. After adding the score, I shot a 3 over par 74 from the tips. I did even realize my score until the 16th hole when I waited for the greens keepers to roll the green. The calmer I felt, the better I played.

This is something I will need to investigate more….well actually, I already knew this. I just need to developed a deeper sense of calm and tranquility when playing. It is something I will continue to work on over the foreseeable future.

I enjoyed my solo round of golf, but today I am back with my old crew. I am going to try and duplicate my feelings from yesterday and hopefully have someone around to attest my score!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


11 thoughts on “Tranquility on the Golf Course

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  4. Love this, Jim
    It’s been rare but I’ve shared that feeling. I’m seeking how to place myself in that frame of mind when golfing w others, if I ever can. Thanks for an excellent post!
    Cheers, Mike

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