It is Freakin’ Cold Outside!

Yesterday morning as I walked to my car, I heard an all too familiar sound of crisp cold snow crunching under my boots. The sound reminded me of the frost on grass late in the fall. The difference was that yesterday it was 28 degrees Celsius below zero! It was freakin’ cold.

Even though I was dressed in many layers (as good golfers do to stay warm) I could still feel the cold penetrating my clothing and the frost rising from my every breath. As I drove the 30 minutes to work, the ice fog eerily surrounded my car as I followed the black salt cover road in the darkness. So what does my lamenting about the cold have to do with golf; that is a great question! 


Ice Storms and Winter!

This is the time of year to do all those things golf we never seem to have the time to do. It is time for indoor activities and the winter provides the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of golf in other directions. Some of these activities range from reading recommended books; researching different drills and skills; following my favorite golf blogs; writing more for #GOLFCHAT and just growing my game.

Yes, winter does hurt my golf swing, but it does not hurt my golf game! Over the years I have learned that doing nothing for 5 months is not the way to grow my golf game. So here I go. Anyone on the same journey?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “It is Freakin’ Cold Outside!

  1. Jim,

    I feel ya. Windchill was -30 over here this morning! However, lots to do to get the swing in shape by Spring. I hit some balls on a Trackman at the club on Sunday. I’m going to get a lesson on Thursday and start working on some improvements, and put them to the test in early February down in Palm Desert when Beth and I go to visit her parents. The cold sucks, but WE CAN make the best of it!


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