Golf and March Madness

My favourite basketball tourney started yesterday. March Madness will be entertaining, thrilling and a must watch sporting event. I bet you are wondering why I am talking basketball on my golf blog. Well, it is very simple; I think that the FedEx Cup should replace its current format to the style of the biggest basketball tournament in the world. Yup, the FedEx Cup should adopt the one and done match play format of US college basketball! It would be very exciting for the fans as the top 64 players in the world go head to head over the space of 4 weeks.

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I Got Nothing!

Attempting to write about golf every two days (as per my goal for this year) is sometimes very difficult.  There is lots to write about, but every once in a while the creative juices just do not flow.  Well today is one of those days!

I could write about the upcoming Masters.  The fact that there will be about 25 new faces competing in Augusta.  That, the world number one player, Tiger Woods, is out and most of the pundits are talking more about him not playing than the strong field heading to the first Major of 2014.  I could talk about the change to the Augusta National Golf Course due to the harsh winter, but the fact that the course is different does not seem like such a bad thing. Regardless, the Masters starts in five days and I can hardly wait.

I could write about the first LPGA Major – The Kraft Nabisco Championship.  How two players tied at minus 10 will be slugging it out on Sunday.  I could analyse the different approaches of Michelle Wie and Alexis Thompson, but that is an article in itself.  Tomorrow should be interesting as both players are poised to win their first Major and live up to their potential as professional golfers.

I could write about how the underdogs in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament parallel the five first time winners on the PGA Tour this year.  How the underdogs in March Madness are punching above their weight like many of the journeyman players on the Tour.  How persistence and the desire to succeed trumps the teams with the better stats. Or how one player or one great shot can change the fortune of many!  But, apparently that is happening all over social media; so what is there to add.

Local Pro, 2 USAF Members, Local Businessman supporting the launch of the True Patriot Love Foundation Charity!

Local Pro, 2 USAF Members, Local Businessman supporting the launch of the True Patriot Love Foundation Charity!

I could write about the number of charities the PGA Tour (Canada and USA) sponsor.  As an example, the True Patriot Love Foundation which is a great Canadian initiative that supports military families. Launched in 2012 at North Bay, Ontario, Canada, it raises money for those military families who need a little support to continue to serve.  It continues to be a great success!

I could write about all these things, but today is a bit of a struggle.  Having said that, after I vociferated (had to look this one up – means ranted), it seems that writing about golf today was easier than I thought.  Writing about golf is sometimes less about the main stream headlines and more about what topics make the reader (and writer) think / question / obfuscate.  Golf is a unique sport (I have said this many times) that truly means something different to everyone.

For me, writing today is not about the endless supply of topics that interests any golfing enthusiast, but more about just writing.  Golf articles can take the reader down many different paths.  And given the choices in direction, the traveler path appears to limitless!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!