Golf and March Madness

My favourite basketball tourney started yesterday. March Madness will be entertaining, thrilling and a must watch sporting event. I bet you are wondering why I am talking basketball on my golf blog. Well, it is very simple; I think that the FedEx Cup should replace its current format to the style of the biggest basketball tournament in the world. Yup, the FedEx Cup should adopt the one and done match play format of US college basketball! It would be very exciting for the fans as the top 64 players in the world go head to head over the space of 4 weeks.

Think about it. The top players are bracketed just like WC Match Play events. But instead of playing a round robin in their pools, 64 for players tee it up on Friday. Once the field is split in half, the 32 players tee it up on Sunday. That is the end of the first week.

Then the next weekend, the format continues with games on Friday and Sunday. After halving the field twice, the top four players are left for the final weekend. Talk about the pressure the players would have to perform under. Knowing that if they lose they are going home. But wait, there is more of a surprise coming that will make this tournament so intense that it would be like playing in a pressure cooker.

In the final four, the two matches play on Friday with the winners playing off on Sunday. Also the losers of the Friday match would play to determine the 3rd and 4th position. Now the kicker for all of this would be only the last four players would make money. The rest….thanks for coming.

Of course I know this format would never fly because of the potential of the top players (money draw players) not making it to the final weekend. The ratings would drop (potentially) because there might not be a big name around to draw the crowds. The possibility of losing revenue would definitely kibosh my idea. I still think it will be fun.

Regardless, March Madness will be on until the Masters weekend. It is a great time to bid my time as I await my favourite Major of the year. It is just a matter of time before we all meet in Augusta.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Golf and March Madness

  1. We had a cold front move over us today. Teeing off at 4 pm the temp was 72F and the humidity was really low for us. It dropped to about 66 by the time we finished as the sun was just about to set. Couldn’t ask for a better way to end a day. Well, I guess I could have asked to win. lol Got taken to the cleaners today. My game was just off and when I managed to do something real good I got matched every time. Lost 4-3-0. Shut out. That about took all the money I’d won this week. About. Might still have a couple quarters. lol

    But I really can’t complain. It was simply great golf weather. Even had a nice sunset to blind us on 17. That was another of my poorer shots of the day but somehow I got to play it. I topped the 5 wood bad and skipped it across the lake and up the bank on the other side so I could at least chip up to the hole.

    And on the last hole I’ve been going over it all week so I clubbed down. Hit a perfect shot that hit a wire crossing the hole and knocked it down so I had to hit again and I of course bladed that one bad enough to run it 50 feet past the hole. lol Not my day. But hey, you can’t win em all and as required by Florida law, I must rub it in and say that at least I got to play. lol

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