March Madness and Golf

The round of 64 is finished at this years NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. The games were exciting and as always there were a few upsets. One thing I notice this year is that most of the top ranked teams made it through to the round of 32. It seems that the selection committee is faring well this year.

I the past I wrote an article comparing golf to basketball, focusing mostly on the physical aspects of each game. There are several movements that are the same and likely common for many sports. The one thing I did not talk about was the intangible aspects between March Madness and golf. You know, those unknowns which are the difference between winning and losing.

In basketball, one player can change the course of a game. That is the same as in golf. One hot player at a golf tournament changes the leaderboard and ultimately the winner as well. This year’s golf tournaments are a perfect example of how one player from week to week rises to the top and walks away with the top prize.

Of course the favorites are always lurking in the shadows waiting to see if the upstarts will falter, but it seems that the more often that not, the underdogs are playing steady enough to win. The March Madness tournament this year happen in the South Bracket where Mid Tennessee ranked 12th defeated Minnesota ranked 5th. It is a bit of an upset, but a perfect example of when a team gets hot at the right time and exceeds all expectations.

One of the intangibles happens long before the tournament begins. Arnold Palmer said it best:

All the players, whether in golf or basketball, have the desire to win. They are driven by an unseen force that compels them to train long hours and sacrifice their time to become the best. Both sports are the same; champions are do not just fall into the winners circle, their commitment to excellence drives to reach their goals. And for most athletes, winning is the ultimate prize.

My golf season is just around the corner. My desire to improve and potentially win a tournament or two is growing. I have about 30 days to wait, but as I do, I will try and figure out those intangible things that will allow me to step into the winners circle in 2017.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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