Golf vs Basketball – Is There a Comparison?

I have played golf and basketball most of my life.  In my early years, basketball dominated most of my time, but as I slowly aged; golf started to take over as my number one sport.  At 51, I ache way more after a basketball practice than I do after a game of golf.  But can the two sports really be comparable?  I say absolutely and here is how:

  1. Both are played with round balls.
  2. The goal is to put the ball in a hole.
  3. Both take coordination to play. (unlike football and hockey – just kidding)
  4. Both require practice to achieve success.
  5. Both require intellect to play.
  6. They are played before crowds (the pros anyway).
  7. You can give advice on how to play (well maybe this is not a good idea).
  8. You have to leave the couch to play them.
  9. They are great ways to meet people.
  10. They both are lots and lots of fun to play.

Okay, all joking aside, golf is really about having fun.  We always talk about how to improve our game, what we could have done better during our round, but ultimately, if we were not having fun playing, than why would we play!

Golf and basketball have been my favorite sports through my life and I am grateful to have been able to enjoy them both.

How about you?  See you on the links.

One thought on “Golf vs Basketball – Is There a Comparison?

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