Golfers and Their Toys!

Callaway Razr Fit DriverThis is my 100 Post.  Thanks for reading.

Golfers love to talk about their clubs and equipment.  I believe the most interesting pastime for Canadian golfers in the month of January is talking about the new stuff they received for Christmas.

Between Christmas and New Years, a friend and I went to Golf Town on our yearly pilgrimage.  While in Golf Town, I bought a Callaway  Razr Fit drive and 3 wood.  It was a deal I could not pass up.  My friend bought a PING cart bag and four-wheeled push cart.  We were very happy with our purchases and  are anxiously waiting for spring to try them out.

Today in the gym, another golfing friend asked me about my new “weapons”.  I never told him about my purchase, but through our conversation I found out that my friend had told him.  We excitedly talked about our purchases after he told me about his great deal on shoes.

Another time while waiting for a meeting to start, I had time to discuss my Golf Town trip with usual playing partner.  He was unable go with us and I as I went through all the details he expressed joy for our success and disappointment he missed a trip to the golf store.  We agreed to make a trip in the next month or so in search of some more deals.

I could go on and on, however I believe you get the picture.  We Canadian Golfers love to tell stories during the winter months.  We dream about the good times to come and the excitement of hitting the links for the first time.  The more I think about it, the more grateful I am to be a golfer.  Life is fantastic!

Do you have an stories to share about your recent golf purchases?

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