Golf is a Journey of Failure

Golf is a journey of persistence is nothing new to most readers. As a player with over 40 years invested in the game, I can honestly say I have failed more times than succeeded. Of course, there has to be a benchmark for this statement and fortunately it is a standard set by each player. Through introspection, I set goals each year in attempts to provide a clear path to something achievable. Unfortunately, I fail to meet most of these goals, but my yardsticks continue to advance to my ultimate goal of being a scratch golfer. Continue reading

What Size is Your Putter Grip?

In the past 10 years or so, golf equipment has changed dramatically. The technological advancements are staggering and I find it difficult to keep up with all the changes. A quick look at shows that 90 new clubs were released in 2017. Of course this number is spread across all the manufacturers, but that is a ridiculous number! In the mix of all this change over the years, smaller, less noticeable changes occurred and one of them was the size of the putter grip. This might seem like an inconsequential change, but I think this ‘behind the scene’ difference is a game changer. Continue reading

Playing on a Familiar Golf Course

Are you a member at a golf course? Have you played there for years? If so, then you might unwittingly be a victim of your own familiarity. Yes, that is right; If you are not careful, playing the same course most of the time is not good for your golf game! Familiarity breeds complacency, sloppy course management, and the “I have always played this hole this way” attitude. All of which results in high scores and a tendency to accept mediocrity! Continue reading

A Lucky Bounce!?

Golf is a game made up lucky and unlucky bounces. A fraction of inch one way or another determines if your emotions are joyful or not. Regardless, it is always interesting to watch players react to a lucky bounce and if you wear your heart on your sleeve, things can be even more dramatic. However, it is what we do after the lucky bounce that really counts; a positive reaction can lead to low golf scores. And this is the real key for my golf game. Continue reading

Mental Attitude is Everything in Golf

Making the 30 minute trip to and from work everyday affords me the opportunity to expand my knowledge by listening to audio books. Over the past couple of days, I have listened to the “Keys of Positive Thinking” by Napoleon Hill. This compilation of speeches made by Hill is very interesting and touches on many topics I already subscribe to. However, his 3 minute talk on Mental Attitude struck a chord with me and realized it is one of my success in golf. Continue reading