Focusing On The Good In Golf

Golf is a sport that can easily drag our mental focus negative aspects of results. Like crabs in a bucket, it is difficult to emerge from playing poorly because our mind continues to drag our focus to what is instantly going wrong. If I was a sports phycologist, I would state that this is the number one mental mistake all amateurs make; we are too quick to focus on the poor shots and overlook the good shots. I am not sure how this trend starts for most players, but I believe that by setting up a mental road block, we can avoid the darkness of negative thoughts and play better golf!

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A Round Of Golf Leaves You Feeling…….

Golf is an emotional game. Regardless of how well you play, you have a sense of something walking off the 18th green. I can tell you that over the years I have felt the entire gambit of emotions, however most of the time I feel grateful and wanting more! There is rarely a day that I walk away frustrated or upset because I played a round of golf. However, this is not the case for everyone and I often wondered why.

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Thoughts of Success in Golf

Jim Blue Shirt Swing

Positive Swing Thoughts

The proper mental attitude and swing thoughts are paramount to low golf scores. As with all thinks in life, focusing your thoughts on what you want will attract your wishes. Of course we would be blind to think no effort is required, but everything starts with a thought of achieve entire package of success. Continue reading

Motivated About Golf

Motivation Monday is a very large theme on social media. It is designed to start the week off on a positive step for many making their way to work. Personally, anything that offers the opportunity to create a positive attitude or positively influence our thoughts is a good thing. I will admit that on some Mondays, reading these quick notes helped to motivate me. For example:

This follows my views relating to the Law of Attraction for life and my golf game. Being motivated to golf is deeply rooted in my thoughts. It is important to manifest the positive attributes wanted to produce lower scores. This is a simple process that requires continual effort; yet, it is not arduous or difficult. Staying motivated to golf is not just about playing golf! Continue reading

Keeping The Streak Alive in Golf

Lost and Confused SignpostWell Grateful Golfers, I am at a loss. I currently have 12 rounds in a row in the 70s. Normally I have a streak similar to this one each year, but never for this long. My game feels comfortable and I am confident that I can keep it going, but mentally, I am in new territory!

Mentally, I plan to prepare the way I have through to date using imagery and maintaining a positive attitude. I need to keep negative thoughts from creeping into the six inches of real estate between my ears.

So, I am asking for advice. What do you suggest I do to keep my streak of low scores going? Do you have any special techniques or drills you use?

If so, I want to hear what you have to say!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!