Thoughts of Success in Golf

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Positive Swing Thoughts

The proper mental attitude and swing thoughts are paramount to low golf scores. As with all thinks in life, focusing your thoughts on what you want will attract your wishes. Of course we would be blind to think no effort is required, but everything starts with a thought of achieve entire package of success.

There are few things that we have complete control over when golfing. The fundamental first step is our thoughts. There are influences and stressors that help shape our thoughts, but the entire thinking process is completely owned by the thinker. It is easy to point fingers at outside influences, however, a real competitor knows that the mental side of golf is a solitary thing.

The mental challenges in golf are vast and numerous! What distinguishes an average player from a great player is usually their mental toughness. The ability to have laser like focus when required is something that is honed over time. There are a few who have the innate ability to be mentally strong, but for the most of us, mental toughness must be nurtured and developed. The Mental Challenges of “Can’t” in Golf

I asked the golfing community; What is your most dreaded thought when swinging a #golf club? #InquiringMinds #justwondering #golfchat. This is what they said:

I am hoping that many golfers do not have any of these swing thoughts when they address the ball because that would be bad news all around.

When I address the ball I try not to think of anything swing related. I focus my thoughts on my aim point and my last thought is exactly where I want to hit the ball. Then I look at the ball, take a breath to calm myself and swing away. By doing this, I visualize my aim point and the ball seems to travel in that direction more often than not. However, the success of any golf swing starts with my thoughts.

Your golf thoughts do shape your golf game. I am a true believer that focusing on the positive aspects of my swing, game, course management, etc, I am building the foundation of success on the golf course. When negative thoughts creep into my mind, I banish them to the abyss. You are the only one who can control your thoughts, so why not make them positive and attract good things to your golf game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer golf blog.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts of Success in Golf

  1. In my opinion, and lots of others agree, golf is 10% physical and 90% mental. To have a great mental game, you need to be positive, that is the key. A person who doesn’t have the greatest mind game usually is the one who gets mad after a poor shot, throws clubs, curses, etc.

    A person with a great mind game will forget about the bad shots, learn from them, and continue on to the next shot with a great attitude. More often then not you will hit your greatest shots when you are in a good state of mind, and you will hit poor shots more often then not when you have a poor attitude.


  2. Hey Jim

    The words in your post that ring true for me are “banish them to the abyss”.

    It is impossible to stop a thought coming to you but you can do 2 things:

    1 Believe in yourself and focus on what is good about your swing/game as you rightly say – this will reduce the likelihood of negative thoughts and
    2 Learn how to banish the thoughts if they creep in and are destructive. This, for me, is the height of mental resilience on the golf course. To be able to acknowledge the thought and then let it go immediately without judging it or analysing it for even a nano second is where I would like to be.

    Likewise, understanding that some thoughts although seeming positive could be destructive is a skill everyone could do with. Example: I played yesterday early doors and started with 4 pars (lipped out twice for birdie), bogeyed the next which is a tough par 5 and then parred the 6th which is index one, again missing the birdie by a gnats do-da. I knew it was a great start to my round and I was desperately fighting in my mind to quickly ‘let it be’ and not get overly pleased/excited/pumped etc and just carry on doing what I was doing. It would have been so easy to get carried away with my perception of success so far and start to self destruct by swinging harder, take risky shots and so on. On balance I am glad to say I stayed relatively focused and other than 2 slightly blocked drives on 7 and 8 causing unnecessary bogeys I ended up 3 over for the front 9, good result for me, happy days.

    Remaining focused and level headed, dealing with every thought quickly and rationally, weather you are doing well or poorly is the utopia I strive for personally – easy said, tough to manage!

    Swing easy!

    Paul at Team Blind Apple

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