A Round Of Golf Leaves You Feeling…….

Golf is an emotional game. Regardless of how well you play, you have a sense of something walking off the 18th green. I can tell you that over the years I have felt the entire gambit of emotions, however most of the time I feel grateful and wanting more! There is rarely a day that I walk away frustrated or upset because I played a round of golf. However, this is not the case for everyone and I often wondered why.

A majority of golfers are left wanting more after they finish. In some cases, it is because they do not get enough time to play and others because their passion for the game is still burning. I definitely fall in the latter of the two, but even that emotion waxes and wanes throughout my golf season. Here is what had to say about this question:

At the beginning of golf season, I feel that I could hit the links for 36 holes every day! I feel like I could play round after round, but I know that I have a long season ahead and playing too much too early will dampen my enthusiasm for future rounds. I try to keep a life/golf balance that meets all my needs so I can do everything I want. My life is not a practice round, so I want to experience everything I can, while I can.

When you walk off the course, I think it is important that you feel some level of satisfaction from playing. Enjoying your round, either playing or socially, will enhance your future anticipation of hitting the links. Golf should be something to look forward too, not something you kind of dread.

I cannot tell you how to enjoy your round, but I feel grateful after playing for things like:

  • enjoying the company of my fellow golfers
  • low golf score
  • great shot
  • beautiful sunrise or sunset
  • picturesque golf course
  • the wild life (animals not people)
  • the tranquility of walking in nature
  • a beautiful sunny day
  • winning a tournament

The list could go on and on. It varies for each round because life sets up the conditions of how I face each round. Regardless, I try to keep a positive and open mind so that I will continue to follow my passion of playing golf.

How do you feel when you after playing a round of golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “A Round Of Golf Leaves You Feeling…….

  1. Jim,

    After each round I feel…grateful!
    For me, golf should never add stress, so I take the time to enjoy the moment and do my best. The fact that I am able to play and have the ability to really allows me to be grateful every time I leave the course.


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  2. Hey Jim,

    I have started to learn over the years (your blog posts help) to always feel grateful after a round of golf, no matter the score. Of course, I tend to have more of a jump in my step if the score is a good one, but I always feel happy and ready to get after it at my next opportunity.



  3. Hi Jim
    For me i am at a point in my life where if i play well i am happy and if i don’t then there is always tomorrow. There is enough things in life that makes someone stressed or irritated or mad or etc… Golf for me is not a stresser, yes i may get a little disapointed with my game, but 10 minutes off the 18th i am ready for more. I am also grateful that i can still play. In 52 days i will retire from the military and plan to do this as often as i can. Stay strong and we may see each other on the course one of these days.

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  4. Hmmmm well since I seldom play less than 27 holes, I don’t leave wanting more as often as I leave tired. As to satisfied or frustrated I guess that’s about 60/40. But I have relatively high expectations. The final score is just part of it. Mental failings that screw up a really good round cause me more frustration than just having an off day in general. Then there are a few rounds like the one I had a couple weeks ago. I was striping the ball. Hitting fairways and hitting greens, but the greens were hard as a rock and I just couldn’t find a way to hold them. I left that day not sure how to feel about it. I knew I did all that could be reasonably asked of me, but my score didn’t show it. So maybe I should say 60% satisfied, 39% frustrated ans 1% confused. Lol

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    • Kevin

      You are an emotional wreck! You are all over the place. I guess I can say I feel the same way. I also have high expectations and that does play a large part on how I feel after each round. However, given all my challenges in the last year, I will say I am grateful as well after every round to be able to play golf!

      Cheers Jim


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