How Long Must We Wait For Golf Season?

We are counting the time in days now; well actually 188 hours; no 11280 minutes; no 676800 seconds! My point is that we are almost there and I can hardly wait to hit the links. The challenges of living in an awesome country is to have 7 months of golf season. I know many of you are debating my claim, but that is a discussion over a libation some day. But for now, my anticipation is growing exponentially as a patiently wait for the course to dry up.

I know we are getting closer when my home of Osprey Links Golf Course starts posting picks of the spring clean up:

Earlier this week I was wondering how many players are actually playing right now. Many, from their responses, have started within the past month. So, I do not feel too bad that my golf season is still in the shadows.

I am very happy that so many players are teeing it up and that they have a chance to play. My time is coming very soon. I guess I still have to be patient. (not sure I can do this, but I have no choice) 🙂

Has your 2019 golf season started?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “How Long Must We Wait For Golf Season?

  1. Jim, I live in the GTA and for most courses the season is underway. Unfortunately, some are still soaked because of the rain from last week, so I have taken the time to just practice, specifically putting. Hoping to play my first round this upcoming week!


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  2. Well you know my season never ends here so this is something I can’t relate to. I went for some practice on the course yesterday. No score keeping. Just some time on the course to practice shots I’ve been working on in the backyard like using the lob wedge to chip with the face open to add spin. That shot still needs lots more work for distance control and practice on real greens is more helpful than the back yard. 4 hours of that playing through 25 holes with multiple balls left me a bit tired but encouraged.

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    • Kevin

      I admire the amount of golf you play. I do practice each day, but still being indoors is a bit tiresome. Not much longer now. I also like the fact you are not afraid to try shots your are practicing. This is the only way to get better IMO.

      Cheers Jim


      • I’ve got a range close by, but it doesn’t have greens you can practice chips shots or lobs to. And the one range that is well equiped for that takes twice as long to get to and is always busy, so a day practicing on the course is what I prefer. Besides that, on the range I tend to hit the same shot over and over which I admit can be helpful, but it’s not how we play. So I try to get the best of both worlds and hit a few extra balls on the shots I’m working on when I get to them, then move on to the next shot and repeat as long as I can. For me, that seems to help me more than a typical day on the range does. It still isn’t as good as having a pro around to tell you what you’re doing wrong I guess, but it seems to be working and it’s more fun to boot.

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      • Kevin

        We must do what works for sure. We have a course with a range and chipping area and a range without a chipping area. Right now, whichever is open gets my business. I agree that having a pro around is idea….again a challenge in my area. Such is the woes of golf in my area.

        Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, I’ve been practicing and playing since Feb 24 and got the all clear from my PT guy on the elbow a month after that. Still managing through some minor discomfort but the exercises I’ve been doing have significantly helped and strengthened my forearms. First tournament is Monday!

    When is your opening day?


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